Friday, August 2, 2013

Mercy Johnson Okojie Poses With Husband And Daughter

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In anticipation of her second marriage anniversary coming up later this August has shared some new pictures of her family for her fans to enjoy. They include pictures taken with both her husband, Prince Okojie and baby, Purity. RML wishes her a happy anniversary in advance.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Why Funke Should Not Reveal Her Marriage Problems At This Time

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Funke Akindele has been speaking out about her one year marriage to estranged husband, Kehinde Oloyede, and not in a very flattering way. She describes what led to their current split as verbal and emotional abuse, which I think are good grounds on which to question the foundation of a relationship. However, because there is no divorce yet, and the husband seems to be seeking a reconciliation, I think it's a bit premature for Funke's revelations.

Meet The Woman With The Largest Afro In The World

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As endorsed by the Guiness World Book of Records, Aevin Dugas has the world's biggest afro - which measures four-and-a-half foot around. When left loose around her head, Aevin struggles to see out from underneath her large afro, and so she often has to style it up properly. It took her 14 years to get to this length and fullness and Aevin says she loves the bouncy curls.

Throwback Thursday - My Mother The Seventies Fashionista

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Five Fashionistas from the Stylish Seventies

Which do you think is my mom? Also, do you have a caption better than mine? Let's have fun.

Happy new month peeps. August shall be a month of love, joy and excellence.

Couple Love - 2Shotz Sends Wife Birthday Message

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Nigerian musician, 2Shotz marked his wife's birthday with an Instagram picture, adding the following message, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY to dis young woman right here.... You r a most special person in d whole world today... Wishi u all dat makes your heart smile.... Luv u hun". The couple got married in a quiet ceremony back in April. Wishing them more love and happiness.

Yes To The Dress - Irene's Wedding Story Featuring Allure 8900

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When Irene first started searching for wedding dresses online, she had an idea of what she wanted - a modest gown with lace. The one she finally said yes to was the Allure 8900 which is an A-Line gown featuring lace applique throughout. It has a fitted bodice with a v-shaped neckline and sheer lace detailing on the 3/4 length sleeves and fully covered back. Enjoy Irene's wedding story below.

Klint Da Drunk And Wife on Marriage - Don't Feel Too Big to Apologize

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Klint da Drunk is the stage name of actor and comedian, Afaemena Igwemba, and he and his wife, Lilien Igwemba have been married since 2007. In this interview, the couple give an insight into what keeps their marriage fresh and interesting, even as they live in the entertainer's spotlight.

George Osodi Photographs The Monarchs of Nigeria

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Goerge Osodi is a Nigerian photographer, a documentarist as well as an artist. His work is used in news reports and also shown in art galleries around the world. His photo collection Oil Rich Niger Delta which focused on the oil exploitation in the Niger Delta was compiled into a book, Delta Nigeria - The Rape of Paradise and brought him to international spotlight.

When Is Too Early To Discuss Sex in a New Relationship?

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This is a question I just discussed with some friends. When it comes to looking for a serious, long-term relationship, I don't believe sex should be on the table. I consider the two like old enemies, and ne'er the twain shall meet. However, it does need to be discussed, the question is when? How soon is too soon? And what shall be said?

Some Relationship Red Flags to Look Out For

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By Stephanie Manley

So often in the bloom of a new romance we set aside a few "minor" character flaws to let the relationship continue, where sometimes we really should just end it early, and cut our losses. I'll make a list of a few of the ones that often come up. Unfortunately, individuals that have these red flags are often the most charismatic people in the room. So be careful when you are starting out, so you can disengage before you are too involved.