Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Are Women More Daring or Safer Drivers Than Men?

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I drive the car more often than Atala does as he prefers commuting to work using his bike. Because of this, the driving seat is adjusted to my smallie legs, as are the mirrors. This means that sometimes when we want to go out, I'm the one driving. I also love driving, and when we did our road trip I was ecstatic being let loose on the open roads.

Pope Francis Says "Who am I to Judge" Gays?

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The comments made by Pope Francis about gay people reminded me of one of the questions I answered in a recent interview. In reply to a question about the bill signed by the Nigerian house of assembly making homosexuality illegal, I said it was about "a few influential people using their positions to try to force the rest of us to do what they like."

Dear Myne - How Can I Convince Him To Pay Child Support?

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Hello ma'am, How are you? I will be glad if you can be of assistance. I have a challenge. How do you discuss with a man who abandoned his wife and children for over 4 years now to take up his responsibility. How can he be alive, calls himself a lawyer of 22years post call, patronizes online sex traders, etc but doesn't take care of his two children in any way please?

Red Palm Oil As A Moisturizer For Dry Afro Hair

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Red Palm Oil is also great for dry hair. Especially natural afro-textured hair. It moisturizes dry hair giving it shine, bounce, softness and manageability w/o being heavy or weighing the hair down. The hair's ends retains softness and bounce.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Lea Michele Speaks Out After Cory Monteith's Death

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Lea Michele was Cory Montieth's co-star as well as his girlfriend of sometime before his death. She had been by his side and supported him as he went to rehab. His death could only have shocked or hurt a few people as much as it did her. She requested for privacy and understanding soon after he passed away of a drug overdose, and only broke her silence on twitter in the following words;

Vacation Time - Genevieve Nnaji in Beijing China

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Genevieve Nnaji has been travelling around China in the past weeks, and she has shared several pictures of her vacation time on her official pages on Facebook. She has either been chilling in her hotel or soaking in the local culture, including tasting the teas, sampling their fabrics, and climbing the great wall of China. Enjoy her pictures...

What is Your Most Embarrassing Moment?

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There's the saying that no one is perfect, and this cannot be more true for the life of a typical woman. Not only do we set very high standards for ourselves, nature has also given us a set of very high jumps to hurdle over. If it's not the major milestones of periods, childbirth, breastfeeding, weaning, then it is the little ones like impressing that cute guy we fancy or coming out tops over our favorite rival in school.

Dakore Akande on Being A Wife, Mother and Actress

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Nollywood actress, Dakore Egbuson-Akande has been married to Olumide Akande for several years and they had their baby two years ago. In a recent interview, she says she feels she's come into her own as a mother, but that it's enough of a job that she had to take time off from acting to really give her daughter the best at the early stages. Now back at work, Dakore shares some snippets from how it has been so far;

Dear Myne - My Boyfriend Irritates Me With His Noisy Eating

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Hello Myne, I believe you are super-fine? I have a this little challenge and I'm hoping you'll give an objective advice on. I'm in this thriving relationship with a young man and the connection is ideally healthy. We are dating steadily and marriage discussions are  coming up more often. Now the issue is this, one of my top pet peeves is people eating loudly i.e munching loudly, making noises with the jaws, teeth against cutlery and the sorts. (It's so bad I complain when my mum eats like that).

Short Story - Love, Sex and Other Things

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By Kem Nathan-Gaul

Life wasn’t always like this and I haven’t always been this type of lady. Once upon a time I was young, innocent and calculated. Somehow, at some point, things changed. It was supposed to be a business meeting after work on a Friday night. Peter and I fixed an appointment to discuss how our two companies could work together. Since it was Friday night and also an informal meeting, I thought to pull Lisa along.