Tuesday, July 23, 2013

#RoyalBabyBoy - William and Kate Show Off Their Newborn Son

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Kate, with her husband, Prince William who was right beside her for the birth of their son, left the hospital today with their newborn, Prince of Cambridge. Both 31, the couple looked cheerful and unhurried as they talked and joked with journalists and reporters.

Dangers of Long Hair - Beyonce's Weave Caught in a Fan

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While performing at a show in Canada, Beyonce's hair got caught and stuck in a spinning fan near the stage where she sat to sing. Surprisingly, she continued singing without missing a beat. The show organizers quickly put off the fan, and her loyal bodyguard helped her to untangle and finally cut the weave. See video below;

Do You Shave Your Legs And Why?

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Before I moved to America, hairy legs were what everyone had depending on how hairy they generally were. If there was a scale for hairiness, I'd probably fall around 7 or 8, and over the years, a few men actually complimented my hairy legs. But then I moved abroad, first to the UK and now the US. In both places, women were supposed to be hairless, all over, but especially on their legs.

How The Wife And I Went For Pre-Engagement Counseling

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That's right, I said Pre-Engagement. Not  Pre-Marital. Why? Well...Given the stats of divorce....we'd be foolish not to.  It was either that or we sign a pre-nup (so funny how we actually discussed such. Don't know what that woman was thinking when she asked if I'd sign one. As if we have two kobo to rub together, talkless of millions at stake)

How To Keep Your Wife Happy - 10 Practical Tips

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by Arlene Pellicane

For many husbands, wives can be downright confusing.  One night, a husband looks at his wife with puppy dog eyes and suggests romance.  She replies in frustration, “Not tonight.  Is sex all you men think about?”  A few nights later in that very same bed, she might say, “You just watch TV and go to bed.  Don’t you find me attractive anymore?”

Banky W - Good Good Loving : Music Video Romance

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Banky W's single, "Good Good Loving" was released last November off his fourth album “RnBW” and did quite well alongside other singles like Yes/No. The video is finally here directed by Clarence Peters and shot at scenic Lagos locations including - Ilashe Beach, Paradise Boat Club and Elegushi beach.

How To Find Information on the Internet Using Search Engines - 2

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The challenge with using search engines is when they give you back so many pages of links that it’s hard for you to know which particular link will have the information you want. Thankfully, most good search engines (including the ones mentioned above) will figure out what pages are most relevant to you.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Kate Middleton Gives Birth - Her Baby is a Boy!

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Kate Middleton's baby is finally here! And it is a boy! Born July 22, he falls into the Cancer sign as we were guessing here. Buckingham Palace confirms that the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, has given birth to a baby boy. He is the first child for her and Prince William, and the third in line to the throne after his father and grandfather, Prince Charles. Check out the bulletin announcing the #royalbaby birth and Kate Middleton's pregnancy timeline below.

Chet Anekwe Weds Rebekah in Detroit - Photos

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Chet Anekwe was introduced into Nollywood as the action and romantic hero with a cute American accent. Many Nigerian women fell in love with him. Well he was attached even then, and over the weekend, he married his fiancé of several years. Chet Anekwe and Rebekah had their wedding in motor city, Detroit, last weekend. Wishing them a lovely married life. Enjoy more of their amazing wedding photos below.

Dear Myne - My Husband and I Have Not Had Sex Since We Got Married

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I’ve been married now for almost 3 years and my husband and I have never made love. I could say he was impotent but to be honest, I really do not know the reason why. We were both celibate and Christians before we were married, and it worked out for us as there was no pressure to go against our conscience.

After he proposed and we started marriage counselling, we began to discuss sex and he used to go into some small detail about how excited he was to be getting married, and especially to me, and some of the things we hoped to be able to do after we became man and wife.