Monday, July 8, 2013

More Pictures From Toyin Aimaku's Court Wedding

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Toyin Aimaku is a Nigerian actress better known for her roles in the Yoruba language movies. She held a civil ceremony to mark her marriage today in Lagos. Toyin is married to Niyi Johnson, also an actor.

Nigella Lawson's Husband Announces Divorce Via Newspaper

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Charles Saatchi announced yesterday that he was going to divorce his wife, Nigella Lawson. This is following on the heels of their public row last month, where he grabbed her throat [see pictures]. If he had tried to make the pictures look worse than the real thing, I think this move proves how serious the rift between the couple really is.

Dear Myne - Is He Planning To Ask Me To Marry Him For My Money?

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My boyfriend and I have been dating for nearly a year now and because we agreed it was a serious relationship from the outset, we both know it may be time to take the next step and start discussing marriage. I am 26years old and ready, can't wait to move out of my parents house and start making my own home.

Do You Remember Your First Love?

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Margo and Antonio

Despicable Me 2 is currently chewing up the greenery on the US Box Office charts with hundreds of millions of dollars, proving how much of a hit it is for both children and adults. One storyline that caught my attention is that of Margo, who is getting to the age where she begins to like boys. In the trailer, she is talking to someone on the phone and the movie shows she has a crush on a boy with a charming accent. A bad boy.

Ezinne Akudo Wins Miss Nigeria 2013

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The Miss Nigeria 2013 beauty pageant held last weekend in Lagos yielded Ezinne Akudo as the winner. Miss Akudo takes home a 3 million naira cash prize, a brand new car, accommodation for a year, a trip to California sponsored by MUD Cosmetics, and free trips to any part of the country by Aero Contractors.

Why The Ethiopian Lawyers Decided To Sue Betty

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Someone who is either a member of the Lawyer's union planning to Sue Betty Aberra, or simply another Ethiopian who is well versed in their nation's law has left a comment on my article [here] stating why Betty should not be sued by well thinking lawyers. The comment rebuts my stand as follows;

Should Obesity be Classified as a Disease?

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The American Medical Association, last month at their AGM, voted to classify obesity as a disease, and "at a stroke, a third of the US population became diseased." The question is, should just being fat be automatically enough to classify someone as being sick and needing medical attention? The BBC reports that;

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Final Episode of 10:10 - The Revelation

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OK, I'm not too happy that this last episode is a mishmash of clips from the previous ones. But the revelation at the very end made my jaw drop! Enjoy...

Magazine Covers - Patricia Olufemi on Zen

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The contrast of colors on this color makes it instantly eye-catching, and so bold. I heard that models complain that celebrities now hug the magazine cover jobs, this model certainly holds her own.

Pastor Kumuyi Offered to Resign Over His Son's Suspension From The Church

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The wedding of John Kumuyi, son of General Suprintendent of the Deeper Life Bible Church, and Love Odih, daughter of the Deeper Life's Church group in Jamaica, started a wide-ranging conversation about the dressing of women in the church, especially for their weddings, and what could have been a double standard if the young couple were allowed to flout the church rules because they were children of high-ranking pastors.