Sunday, June 30, 2013

Mercy Johnson - Motherhood Changes Women

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It's so sweet that Mercy Johnson is still gushing about love in her marriage, and how she is enjoying being a new mother. She seems to be keeping it real too, and her transition to motherhood has made her more down to earth and encouraged her to give to others who may not be as privileged. In a recent interview, she talks about the things close to her heart right now;

Good Relationships Don't Just Happen

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Real Housewives' Nene Leakes Remarries Her Husband Gregg

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Nene Leakes is someone I had previously seen more of in the NBC comedy The New Normal, but I also knew she came to fame as being on the cast of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. During our last vacation, I got to watch several episodes of the RHOA reunion. One of story strands was that Nene had just got engaged to her husband, Gregg Leakes, whom she had divorced after they had some issues, and they would be walking down the aisle again soon.

Movie Trailer - Torn by Moses Inwang

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I just checked the producer, Moses Inwang's body of work on IrokoTV and I've seen Behind the Melody and Damage. I loved the message and story line in BTM with Ini Edo much better but both movies are well shot and lack the spare tyres that drag down a lot of Nollywood movies.

A Web Series by Gbenga Salu - 10:10 Episode 1 - 4

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I started this webseries last week and was immediately captivated. The series great storyline, and wonderful actors Evaezi Ogoro, Tope Gbenga-Salu, Emmanuel Ifenna-Kings and Francis Azubuike. Some of the character portraits are below.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Only A Douchebag Wants Just Your Waist - On Iyanya and Yvonne Nelson

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What do you do when all a man you have fallen in love with wants from you is your waist? That was the dilemma the sender of one of the last Dear Myne posts found herself in. A lot of the comments told her to either tell the man off, or just move on. Some called any guy who wants a woman just for sex a douchebag, and I agree, somewhat.

Dear Myne - Girls Always Keep Putting Me In The Friend Zone

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Now I seriously don't know what is wrong but every lady I meet and want something serious from, relationship, they place me on the friendship zone, they only comment that am a nice guy with a good character and so on, but it just ends there.

Having The Courage To Live and Love Again

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By Gracie

In life, you may have gone through bitter and ugly relationships. Maybe you were just treated unfairly or things just didn’t work out as planned even when you gave it your all and you felt really hurt. There are also times when you had seen the handwriting on the wall, but you just hate to face the truth, giving all kind of excuses and yet things still didn’t work out.

Love Takes Two - A Short Film

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Love Takes Two is a very short film that captures the thin line between love and dysfunction quite accurately. At what point does pride and unforgiveness creepingly become a killer of your love? Do you know when to stoop to let love win? Enjoy :)

Five Top Black Actresses Chat With Oprah on Skin Color

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Colorism can be about the shade of your skin relative to others in your own race, or it can be about race itself. On the same theme as that of Dark Girls, and how skin color can affect self-esteem and the opportunities available to one, Oprah has invited five of the top black actresses in Hollywood to speak on their experiences working there.