Saturday, June 29, 2013

Love Takes Two - A Short Film

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Love Takes Two is a very short film that captures the thin line between love and dysfunction quite accurately. At what point does pride and unforgiveness creepingly become a killer of your love? Do you know when to stoop to let love win? Enjoy :)

Five Top Black Actresses Chat With Oprah on Skin Color

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Colorism can be about the shade of your skin relative to others in your own race, or it can be about race itself. On the same theme as that of Dark Girls, and how skin color can affect self-esteem and the opportunities available to one, Oprah has invited five of the top black actresses in Hollywood to speak on their experiences working there.

D-Black - Black Clouds ft. Waje (Music Video Romance)

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By Jove, this is the saddest music video I've seen in a long, long while. the half-way point you'll have goose bumps on your skin, and if you're soft-hearted, tears may even join the party. The only grouse, Waje's voice was a bit too auto-tuned. Great story, and capable rap delivery and lyrics by D-Black. Another marvelous Nigeria-Ghana collabo. See MI and Becca here.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Sunday and Toyin Adewale - Money Helps You Enjoy Marriage

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Toyin Adewale is a popular Nollywood (Yoruba) actress. She has been married to her husband,Sunday for over 20 years. The couple met while studying and since then their relationship, which moved quickly into marriage, has produced three lovely children and remarkable success in their chosen career in Nollywood. In this interview, they share the gains of marriage and working together in the same industry.

Pastor Kumuyi Speaks On Non-Essential Church Traditions

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This is a video of Pastor GF Kumuyi the founder of Deeper Life Bible Church addressing members of the church in the United States about what church traditions are essential, and which are not. He uses personal anecdotes and bible passages to buttress his point that some traditions should be allowed to pass away so that latter day revelations can be used to build the church.

Dear Myne - My Boyfriend Has Proposed But I Have Big Doubts

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Dear Myne, I hope you see this quickly and respond as soon as you can. Post it on your blog if possible cos i need other people to comment and advise me about this issue. I have been dating this guy for a while now. Quite frankly, its been a turbulent time for us both but especially for me. we have had serial arguments, quarrels, break-ups and every time we broke up i would swear it to be the last and even get to dating other guys but he always comes back and somehow we are still together.

Kate Middleton Dresses Down Her Bump in High Street Fashion

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Most of the time, Kate Middleton is photographed at official engagements wearing her Sunday Best as some of us call it. But off the clock, she is a very down to earth shopper and dresser and these photos show her in high street dresses including Topshop, Asos and others.

One Woman's Experience Growing Up Dark-Skinned in Nigeria

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By Funmi

Been reading a lot about being dark skinned on the blog so much now,I remember the past.

I am black. So black, my nicknames growing up were Ebony, Goliwog(after d famous goliwog doll from the enid blyton stories) and dudu (in secondary school).

House of Tara Launches 100 Voices Book

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Nigerian beauty brand, House of Tara International, launched its highly anticipated book House of Tara 100 Voices in an exclusive event on Tuesday, June 25, 2013 at The Four Points Hotel by Sheraton. Present at the event were senior executives of Blue Chip companies, financial institutions, Lagos State government and members of the diplomatic corps.

President Obama Visits Slave Port in Senegal with Family

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The Obama family are touring Africa for the next few days, partly on business and partly for pleasure, and no, they won't be stopping in Nigeria. They are currently in Senegal and spent some time visiting the Senegalese island where centuries ago, Africans were shipped across the Atlantic into slavery in the Americas. Obama says visiting Goree Island Thursday with his family has helped them fully appreciate the magnitude of the slave trade, and calls it a "powerful moment".