Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Looking Slimmer With Color Block and Illusion Dresses

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I love retail therapy sometimes, but I'm not a big fan of shopping when it comes to dresses, because I lack the patience to sift through a gazillion clothes looking for just the ones that I'll like or that'll suit me. I usually go to petites and my size and pick any or all that catch my fancy or which fit within my budget. It's a hit and miss affair, but if I'm not OK with the results, I return it to the shop post haste. Most times, I do get what I find wearable.

Dear Myne - I am Jealous of My Husband's Ex-Girlfriend

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Hello Myne, I'll be glad if you can put this on romance meets life, I want to know if I'm alone on this. I've been married going on a year and only recently found out three weeks ago to be precise, that one of our mutual friends used to date my husband.

DIY Cooking - Moi-Moi in a Plastic Drinking Cup

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I usually cook moi-moi with aluminuim foil paper but the last time I wanted to cook moi-moi, I realized we had run out and hadn't restocked. I had already put my beans flour into water and most of the other ingredients I needed to cook moi-moi were around me. Most importantly, I really wanted to eat moi-moi that day, not the next day or a week later after we had gone shopping.

Answering Your Questions About Sex Toys

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By Funmi Akingbade

A sex toy or adult toy is an object or device that is primarily used to facilitate human sexual pleasure, such as a dildo or vibrator, rings etc. Many popular sex toys are designed to resemble human genitals and are vibrating or non-vibrating, colourful or just natural and intended to stimulate the body. They come in a range of shapes, sizes, for internal or external use. Sex toys seem to be everywhere these days. But the question is: are they advisable and healthy?

Monday, June 24, 2013

Couple Love - John Legend And Chrissy Teigen

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John Legend, one of my favorite musicians has been engaged to model Chrissy Teigen for almost a couple of years now. During his appearnace on Good Morning America last week, he spoke about how they were planning their wedding for later this year. Wishing them all the best.

What's Her Dark Skin Got To Do With It?

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“Dark Girls,” is a documentary that explores the phenomenom of colorism among African-Americans. If I don't think Africans and African-Americans have the same degree of fixation about "good hair", when it comes to skin color, I doubt there's much of a difference. Nigeria has been noted as one of the countries with the highest incident of skin bleaching.

Gbenga and Lara George - Trying Out New Places

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Lara George was a member of the former gospel trio KUSH, along with TY Bello and Emem Ema. She got married to Gbenga George nine years ago, after what she describes as a very short and fun-packed two years. In this interview, Lara and Gbenga talk about how marriage has been for them.

Date Ideas - The Classic Dinner and Movie Date Combo

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This weekend was a busy one for Atala and I. Saturday was all about being active, we went rock climbing in the morning and riding later in the evening. Sunday was more for chilling out. We went for the classic movie and a dinner date combo. And I have to tell you guys, if you do make this a date idea, make sure you go see the movie first.

By going to see Man of Steel first, it gave us something with which to start off our dinner conversation. And if you saw a good movie, or even one that is not so good, you can harvest topics from it all evening long!  We enjoyed teasing out the little details of the movie as we ate. Great meal at a Mexican place BTW - It was someone's birthday and an improv mariachi came out to play a tune :)

Finally, and most importantly, we were able to eat at our own pace without watching the clock for a movie time. Also, we could really enjoy the dinner and eat to our fill without worrying about getting too full and sleepy if we had chosen to see the movie after.

Which do you do, movies before or after dinner? Who saw any new movie this weekend?

7 Tips For Being A Better Husband

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By Joe Beam

Even the greatest athlete benefits from coaching. Though I realize that husbands reading this likely are already awesome, I offer these tips as a marriage coach. Use them to go from great to glorious in seven easy steps.

TIP 1: Do Not Talk To Her As If She Is One of The Guys.
Listen to guy buddies talk about anything for more than five minutes and you likely will hear one of them let the other know that he is an idiot. When men talk with their male friends, they tend to be direct or even argumentative. They share their opinions freely and bluntly. They jokingly insult each other. They blast anything the other guy says that they do not like or agree with. They rarely stop to think, “Am I being insensitive? Could I possibly be hurting his feelings?” The guy code is to let the chips fall where they may.

What Are The National Symbols of Nigeria?

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By Atala

Big Ben. The Empire State Building. The vuvuzela. The Great Wall of China. The samba. I'm sure that you all recognise these as national symbols of the countries that they're in. And the worldwide recognition that these symbols have not only does wonders for the tourism industries of their respective countries, they also serve as a means for reinforcing the identities and the national pride of the citizens of those countries.