Monday, June 24, 2013

Gbenga and Lara George - Trying Out New Places

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Lara George was a member of the former gospel trio KUSH, along with TY Bello and Emem Ema. She got married to Gbenga George nine years ago, after what she describes as a very short and fun-packed two years. In this interview, Lara and Gbenga talk about how marriage has been for them.

Date Ideas - The Classic Dinner and Movie Date Combo

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This weekend was a busy one for Atala and I. Saturday was all about being active, we went rock climbing in the morning and riding later in the evening. Sunday was more for chilling out. We went for the classic movie and a dinner date combo. And I have to tell you guys, if you do make this a date idea, make sure you go see the movie first.

By going to see Man of Steel first, it gave us something with which to start off our dinner conversation. And if you saw a good movie, or even one that is not so good, you can harvest topics from it all evening long!  We enjoyed teasing out the little details of the movie as we ate. Great meal at a Mexican place BTW - It was someone's birthday and an improv mariachi came out to play a tune :)

Finally, and most importantly, we were able to eat at our own pace without watching the clock for a movie time. Also, we could really enjoy the dinner and eat to our fill without worrying about getting too full and sleepy if we had chosen to see the movie after.

Which do you do, movies before or after dinner? Who saw any new movie this weekend?

7 Tips For Being A Better Husband

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By Joe Beam

Even the greatest athlete benefits from coaching. Though I realize that husbands reading this likely are already awesome, I offer these tips as a marriage coach. Use them to go from great to glorious in seven easy steps.

TIP 1: Do Not Talk To Her As If She Is One of The Guys.
Listen to guy buddies talk about anything for more than five minutes and you likely will hear one of them let the other know that he is an idiot. When men talk with their male friends, they tend to be direct or even argumentative. They share their opinions freely and bluntly. They jokingly insult each other. They blast anything the other guy says that they do not like or agree with. They rarely stop to think, “Am I being insensitive? Could I possibly be hurting his feelings?” The guy code is to let the chips fall where they may.

What Are The National Symbols of Nigeria?

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By Atala

Big Ben. The Empire State Building. The vuvuzela. The Great Wall of China. The samba. I'm sure that you all recognise these as national symbols of the countries that they're in. And the worldwide recognition that these symbols have not only does wonders for the tourism industries of their respective countries, they also serve as a means for reinforcing the identities and the national pride of the citizens of those countries.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

A John Kumuyi Wedding Eye-Witness Defends Love Odih

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A commenter on the wedding post of John Kumuyi and Love Odih claims to be an eye witness to the wedding and that the photos have been unfairly and maliciously over analysed. Looking at the picture above, one may be tempted to agree, but could it be that by the time reception photos were taken, some of the make up had faded? Read the account and decide for yourself. (

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon - Nothing Means More Than Family

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Nick Cannon was asked recently what the key has been to maintaining his successful marriage to Mariah Carey and he responded that it was making times spent together extra special and understanding and supporting each other in their careers. Nothing however, he said, trumps time spent with family.

Inspiration - Leave it in the Past

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White Wedding Photos - Comedian Elenu and Chinwe Anyanwu

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Nigerian comedian, Elenu - real names Akinlami Babatunde Julius - took his long-time sweetheart, Chinwe Anyanwu to the church altar last weekend on 15th June, 2013, at the Global Impact Church, Surulere, Lagos. The couple had their traditional marriage ceremony at the bride’s home in Owerri, Imo State on the 4th May, 2013. Congratulations to Elenu and Chinwe!

Short Film - Be My Guest

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A story of a loss, grief, forgiveness, letting go, and redeeming love. This is another LowlaDee short film production. OK, maybe the story seemed rushed, and the end a bit corny but otherwise, this is worthy of all praise. I actually preferred the new actors to the current Nollywood stars who have become so predictable. I might change Kevin though, I love hunks for my leading men, bite me :)

Couple Love - Tiwa Savage and Tunde Balogun

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Tiwa Savage got a most public proposal back [see pictures] in February from her manager, now fiance Tunde Balogun, also known as Tee Billz. Since then they have spotted a few times in public together. One of those couples you can easily say they look good together.