Wednesday, June 19, 2013

True Love That Lasts For A Lifetime

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Ron and Eileen Everest are celebrating their 70 years wedding anniversary but they've been together since they were born in the same maternity unit, 91 years ago. Their families remained close, posing them as “bride and groom” at a town carnival when they were 4 years old. At 21, they got married for real and are now celebrating their platinum wedding anniversary.

Mr and Mrs Smith - Joselyn Dumas and Lynxx

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Joselyn Dumas put up this picture on Instagram and captioned it, 'Mr and Mrs Smith'. I don't know if that means what many who have seen Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in the original movie, may think. But they sure make a cute couple, even if right now it may only be in the Fine Lady music video for Lynxx :)

Charly Boy Oputa on Marriage - Love and Respect Your Woman

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Charles Oputa a.k.a Charly Boy, who is 62years today, has been married to Diane 'Lady D' Oputa for over 30 years. In an appreciation note to celebrate his birthday, she writes, "...My Husband and Friend, our love shall never end, even when it goes through the fire, because you and only you are my true heart desire.... Thanks for being there for us, thanks for loving me and for all the beautiful memories you have given me so far. To my soul mate, lover and best friend…"

Events - A Harvest with Soyinka

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A Harvest with Soyinka is a potpourrie of sketches and short plays from the Nobel Laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka, and it is showing twice every Sunday in July at Terrakulture 3pm and 6pm. The feature play is the Nobel Prize winning "Death and the Kings Horseman". Tickets cost N3500.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Name Their Daughter

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And it starts with a K. No it's not Khrist as some suggested because of Kanye West's album but Kaidence Donda West. Family insiders claimed that the name was "repeatedly mentioned" in Kardashian's hospital room, with a source telling MediaTakeOut that Kaidence looks "gorgeous".

'Sex With An Alien Is Causing Problems In My Marriage'

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So says Simon Parkes, a Labour councillor in the UK who has claimed he fathered children with an alien. They have ten children together, all twins, three of which are named Zarka, Zarouf, and Ree-Karl. He says the alien woman is called The Lion Queen, and they meet regularly to have sex. Parkes says he sees the Lion Queen about four times a year for this purpose and that it's beginning to cause tension in his human marriage.

6 Practical Ways A Father Can Help In The Home

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by Jordin Keim

Here are a few things dads can do to give mom a break! Being a mom is a wonderful job, but there are days when it’s nice to have few moments of peace and quiet. This list is great to show to your spouse or boyfriend if you know he would love to help out but doesn’t really know where to start. Please keep reading to learn things dads can do to be a big help to mom!

A Toxic Romance - The Beautiful Truth

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Now I’m looking in the mirror. I’ve been standing here for about ten minutes; staring into the glass. I do not recognize the image in it. I’m serious. The face; my face, it looks familiar but it cannot possibly be me. Can it? What’s wrong?

Well, my hair is disheveled but I did just get out of bed so that’s not it. My skin is blotchy. Well, that’s from all the comfort food I’ve been snacking on intermittently these days. My eyes are swollen. Now I don’t know if that’s because I haven’t been sleeping well or because I’ve been crying often. Hmmm...

Tahiti Scores One Goal in Historic Match Against Nigeria

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The Nigerian national football team won an international match yesterday. But this is not about the Super Eagles because sometimes, it's not all about winning. Their competitors were the national side of small island country, Tahiti who were playing their first match at this level, the FIFA confederations.

They were totally outclassed, outgunned and outranked, but they kept their head up, and what do you know, the great super eagles let one of their tries on goal get into the net. Above is their celebration. You should see their bench too, the coaches went crazy.

Magazine Covers - Aisha Shaba on Fashion

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Would love to see more of the pictures for this photoshoot, but I like :)