Friday, May 31, 2013

A TTC Husband Writes a Letter to His Unborn Child

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When I read this letter, tears almost came to my own years. As a woman who lives with unexplained infertility, I can totally get where this man is coming from. While we have certainly come a longer road than the couple in the letter - 4 years married to their 1+ but the experience and feelings are mostly the same no matter at what stage you are. And I know indeed that men also cry. I pray the couple gets their heart's wishes in a good time for them.

Should Men Carry Their Girlfriend's or Wife's Handbag?

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In the picture of Zoe Saldana with her new boyfriend [see here] he is carrying her handbag and that got me thinking. One often hears stories of men who say they would rather die than carry their wife's or girlfriend's handbag. Then there are those who don't really mind or wouldn't but fear being teased or thought to be less of a man if they did that.

A friend spoke of how after her husband helped her carry her handbag - she was carrying their baby and had to answer a phone call so handed hubby her coach tote - her own father who had also been there warned them seriously. She had to respectfully disagree with her dad, and her hubby spoke up too. The father was worried about gender roles, appearances of respect and what people would say. The couple on their part tried to emphasize that what mattered was their relationship and whether they understood each other. He was just helping.

Now, I don't want to make it seem like carrying a woman's handbag is like the ultimate of all symbols of love. The gesture, on its own, is not a definition or confirmation of love, but can be a way to show you care for your partner, PDA if you will.

The funny thing for me, or maybe not so funny, is the way some men look at female handbags like there was a contaminable disease they could get by carrying one.

No Sex in Your Marriage? It May Be More Common Than You Know

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According to a recent report, it seems that it is very common for wives and mothers to ‘shut up shop’ and stop having sex with their partners if their family is complete, or for the men to do the same for lack of libido. Another reason for lack of sex could be a health problem that affect the sex drive or organs, like a hysteroctomy in women, or prostrate cancer surgery in men. For the first reason for no sex, I guess if the primary reason the couple got married was for children, then it makes sense?

The report goes on to detail the marriage of three couples who have not had sex for varying amounts of time, between a year and eight years. If you ask me, I'll say the first two marriages are in trouble if the partner who lacks the desire or motivation for sex does not get some rest or therapy and work with their partners to rekindle their sex lives. The last couple are in their sixties and the woman it seems has already come to terms with a sexless marriage - more like a companionship arrangement.

Kim Kardashian in Fun and Flirty Maternity Dress

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When she's not attending one fashionable event or the other, Kim Kardashian, like all of us, has her days off too where she just takes time to chill, hang out with friends, do some shopping, etc. And with her due date just round the corner, easy and comfortable seems to be the determinant of what Kim Kardashian now wears at those times. This short dress is so simple and cute, makes her look like a teenager, and I love the sandals.

Couple Love - Zoe Saldana and Marco Perego

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Zoe Saldana ended a 12-year relationship with an engagement to entrepreneur Keith Britton in 2011, which left her heartbroken. She rebounded in a short-lived affair with Bradley Cooper. Now she's with Italian artist Marco Perego. With all the PDA recently, I wish them the best.

Magazine Covers - Omawumi on Motherhood Instyle

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I like this cover of Omawumi on Motherhood Instyle.  I salute Omawumi for keeping her head up, I know a lot of people can't get over the fact that she's a single and unmarried mother, and for the brands that continue to keep her front and center on their covers and campaigns.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Pictures From JMartins and Nnezi's Wedding Ceremony

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J Martins - real names Martins Okey Justice - solemnized his marriage to fiance, Nnezi Diane, yesterday in Lagos. The couple had their traditional wedding back in January of last year. See pictures from both ceremonies below. I found her outfit choices for the wedding after party quite non-traditional, a sequinned mini, and a black gown. Very adventurous, but looked great on her. Happy married life to them.

Throwback Thursday - A More Rounded Me

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I almost forgot but thank to the person who reminded me. I read somewhere that you don't say chubby or fat any more, it's round and rounder now. So this was my roundest back in my twenties.

How Weight Loss May Affect Your Relationship

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I first noticed the effect intentional weight loss could have on couples in one episode of the Extreme Makeover - Weight Loss Edition, one of my favorite summer TV shows. Some of the people featured are married or in relationships and in most cases, their partners are very supportive, often times, joining them while at home and losing some weight themselves.

Not A Groupie - A Sweet Short Story

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I was just standing there on the side lines waiting for the actual doors to open up for this so called concert Bisola dragged me to. I was never into Nigerian music too much, just the occasional popular ones that I’d randomly see tweets about. Every now and then, I get curious enough to google the current slangs and it almost always ends up being from a Nigerian song.