Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Dear Myne - How Do I Handle Unfriendly Sisters-in-Law to be?

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DEAR MYNE, I'm in my late twenties, in a serious relationship but need people's advise on how to handle some issues in my relationship.  Firstly, his younger sisters - my fiancé is the only boy in a family of 5. His sisters were receptive when i first met them, but after like some months of meeting them, they changed and I don't know the reasons for that.

Holy Ghost Fire Burn The Calories! Nigerian Woman Prays Over Her Food

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You just have to listen to this woman's prayer as she blasts all the cholesterol and calories in her mountain of oatmeal and vegetable soup. It must be a joke, I can't believe anyone prays like this, or do they? LOL...

POLL - Open or Closed Bathroom Door For Couples?

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The times Atala came to visit me while we were still dating, he stayed with me. That was when I first considered the issue of open or closed bathroom doors. The doors remained closed that time, and for the first few weeks of our marriage. And then slowly, they began to open. The slide to open doors began as we had more and more showers together and it has been shifting to other activities too.

Where are the Women in Engineering, IT and Tech?

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By Atala,

More and more these days, the boundaries are being broken down with respect to what professions men and women want to do. Time was when there were very specific career options open to women, such as teaching and nursing; this is not really surprising, considering that it was only until the late nineteenth century that many universities began to start opening their doors to women. These days, things are much different, so that according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics ( over a third of doctors, about a third of lawyers and around three-fifths of accountants in America are women.

7 Secrets To Having The Perfect Wedding Day

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By Fikayo Giwa,

There’s no such thing as a perfect wedding day! Controversial or perhaps drastic statement I know but what I mean is that not everything will go as planned. Once you come to terms with this fact; you will feel a lot more peace in the final planning stages and on the day.

The Wife Diaries - Episode Six

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I watched Nkem in agony, day in, day out. The cloud of shame that hung over her head was so thick it was hard to miss anytime she stepped into a room. She started coming to church with us on sundays though and really started to get involved. Of course I know that just because a person was physically stepping into church every sunday, that didn’t make them born again over night but I was encouraged because she had taken a step at least.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Dear Myne - He is a Widow and a lot Older Than Me

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I totally love your blog i learn i a lot of things from almost all your post and your readers comments that's why i think i can seek advice from you. This is my story. I am a 25 year old girl just trying to make herself happy. I have not been in a relationship for almost a year now as i just wanted to be on my own, i have gone on a few dates, and have a couple of toasters around but there is one man who has kinda caught my heart.

Woman Delivers Baby on Sidewalk in Front of Hospital

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Most babies either come quickly or take their time. However, most wait till mother is where she needs to be to have the baby, on a bed, bath, and with her birthing attendants. Some babies however don't hang about, it's time when it's time and they're coming whether you're ready or not. A Florida birth photographer shares her experience of one of such 'fast' babies.

Warning - Graphic pictures.

Real Love Story - A Romantic Liaison Mediated By Her Uncle

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Chinwe: One day in May 2010, an uncle - my maternal aunt’s husband - called to say he had a surprise for me. Expectedly I was excited although I didn’t have a clue what the surprise could be. He then said something like, “There’s a handsome, nice, God-fearing etc etc young man here that I think you’d love to meet. He’ll make a great husband.” What??? I couldn’t believe he said that! He didn’t even ask if I was in a relationship or something. I believe in meeting guys myself (especially Mr Right!) and I totally detest third party-mediated romantic liaisons.

Magazine Covers - Azeezat on House of Maliq

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It was a double cover, with Yvonne Nelson on one side, and Azeezat on the other. I prefer Azeezat's, she has such a unique face, and I'm loving the hair too.