Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Dear Myne - He is a Widow and a lot Older Than Me

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I totally love your blog i learn i a lot of things from almost all your post and your readers comments that's why i think i can seek advice from you. This is my story. I am a 25 year old girl just trying to make herself happy. I have not been in a relationship for almost a year now as i just wanted to be on my own, i have gone on a few dates, and have a couple of toasters around but there is one man who has kinda caught my heart.

Woman Delivers Baby on Sidewalk in Front of Hospital

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Most babies either come quickly or take their time. However, most wait till mother is where she needs to be to have the baby, on a bed, bath, and with her birthing attendants. Some babies however don't hang about, it's time when it's time and they're coming whether you're ready or not. A Florida birth photographer shares her experience of one of such 'fast' babies.

Warning - Graphic pictures.

Real Love Story - A Romantic Liaison Mediated By Her Uncle

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Chinwe: One day in May 2010, an uncle - my maternal aunt’s husband - called to say he had a surprise for me. Expectedly I was excited although I didn’t have a clue what the surprise could be. He then said something like, “There’s a handsome, nice, God-fearing etc etc young man here that I think you’d love to meet. He’ll make a great husband.” What??? I couldn’t believe he said that! He didn’t even ask if I was in a relationship or something. I believe in meeting guys myself (especially Mr Right!) and I totally detest third party-mediated romantic liaisons.

Magazine Covers - Azeezat on House of Maliq

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It was a double cover, with Yvonne Nelson on one side, and Azeezat on the other. I prefer Azeezat's, she has such a unique face, and I'm loving the hair too.

Date Ideas - The Incorruptible Judge - A Play

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Who remembers this stage play? One of the funniest plays I've ever read and at the same time it had a very upstanding message against corruption one that has stayed with me all this while. The play is being staged at Terra Kulture today and tomorrow.

More Eye Candy From the Mr Universe Contest

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There were only a few pictures available when I made this initial post, now the complete list of the contestestants in the Mr. Universe Nigeria event has been released. Some are good, some are bad, some are hilarious. Enjoy my favorites here...

Monday, May 27, 2013

Jayso & Sarkodie feat. Efya - I'm In Love With Your Girlfriend

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This music video is subtitled, The Movie, and it shows. It has a story complete with a twist. I loved the concept though there were a few loose ends in the story telling. The song however is quite well done.

Photos - Patience Ozokwor Attends Son's Wedding in London

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Actress Patience Ozokwor was an epitome of the proud and happy mama as her first son, Uchendu Ozokwor, had his wedding ceremony, both white and traditional in London last Saturday. He got married to his longtime girlfriend Gloria Nweze, and the event was attended by friends, family and well wishers.

Not our Property - Will Smith on Fatherhood

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In this interview promoting After Earth, another film they both star in,Will Smith expands of what he sees in the future for his son, Jaden Smith, teaching him how to hunt, as opposed to simply giving him fish, and hoping to build a dynasty. I think he's being a great example of a father that a lot of African American sons need in their lives. I hope the children are just as successful as the father, I'm a big fan.

Dear Myne - Should I Date his Friend?

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Hey Myne, So I usually agree with majority of the comments that your readers leave with relationship advice. So I thought maybe they could help me with recent matter I am dealing with.

So I have been talking to this guy called “B” for little over a year.  In B’s past relationships it appears as if women have always pressed him about getting married. Thus earlier in our dating history B would always drop sly remarks about not being ready for marriage.  Oddly enough, I do not remember ever bringing up the topic of marriage. Nevertheless, I am of age so I guess he could sense that sooner or later we would have to cross that bridge.