Monday, May 27, 2013

Not our Property - Will Smith on Fatherhood

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In this interview promoting After Earth, another film they both star in,Will Smith expands of what he sees in the future for his son, Jaden Smith, teaching him how to hunt, as opposed to simply giving him fish, and hoping to build a dynasty. I think he's being a great example of a father that a lot of African American sons need in their lives. I hope the children are just as successful as the father, I'm a big fan.

Dear Myne - Should I Date his Friend?

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Hey Myne, So I usually agree with majority of the comments that your readers leave with relationship advice. So I thought maybe they could help me with recent matter I am dealing with.

So I have been talking to this guy called “B” for little over a year.  In B’s past relationships it appears as if women have always pressed him about getting married. Thus earlier in our dating history B would always drop sly remarks about not being ready for marriage.  Oddly enough, I do not remember ever bringing up the topic of marriage. Nevertheless, I am of age so I guess he could sense that sooner or later we would have to cross that bridge.

On Melvin Oduah Repping Nigeria in Big Brother Africa 2013

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How many people are watching the Big Brother Africa which started yesterday? I am.

Surprised? LOL... don't be. Not only am I visiting a cousin who is a huge fan of the franchise, it turns out that one of the people representing Nigeria is my homeboy, from the same village as I am in Asaba. My cousin knows him personally as they've been family friends for years, and I've met him a couple of times, first time being when he was still a pimply teenager. Now he's a fine boy no pimples :)

So if you're watching and voting, please help to keep Melvin in the game till the very end. He is a very cool and down to earth person as his bio below on the BBA website shows. And I promise to bring my own portion of that $300,000 prize money and share it here, lol...

Cannes Red Carpet Dresses That Look Like Wedding Gowns

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Liya Kebede

The Cannes 2013 Film Festival officially roundd off yesterday, and through it all some gorgeous gowns have graced the red carpet. Quite a number of them reminded me of wedding gowns, Nicole Kidman wore a couple of them, but I liked this one by Liya Kebede the most. Enjoy, and tell me which is your favorite in the comments...

Looking For a Life Partner is Not as Simple as Shopping!

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This response came in to Timi Robins suggestion on this post for singles looking for partners to apply the same sense as they do for shopping. The discussion in the comments on the post have been interesting, but what I understand that to mean is that rather than just praying then folding their hands and hiding out in their houses, singles should go out there to see and be seen, and then use a guideline of what they want to find, or be found. Like this commenter below explains, sometimes life is very complex, and shopping is not as simple as we may think.

Pregnant Kim Kardashian Pops in Red Gown

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Following the little black dress here, I decided to keep an eye out for Kim Kardashian dressing her bump in ways I liked. I think this maxi gown on Kim Kardashian looks amazing, love the color and how it shows off her curves without being too tight. The material looks comfortable too.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Relationship Game - Who Would You?

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We have here some of the guys who were featured in the February man candy, men who look good and work hard. These three are in the movie industry - Kalu Ikeagwu, Chris Attoh and Gbenro Ajibade. So this is a meme with questions. Let's have fun. Of these three men,

Most People Will Remain Friends With Their Ex

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Our last poll indicates that majority of people will remain on friendly terms and in contact with their exes. This was the resounding result according to a sample of 130 people who responded to the question, would you remain friends with an ex? Split almost evenly, more than 70% said they would either be friends or acquaintances with their ex. About 25% were not as chill and easy about ended relationships. 4 voters were not joking at all, to them, an ex is automatically an enemy. See the breakdown below.

You Cannot Change People

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Dtone Martins - Kati Kati (Music Meets Romance)

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Dtone Martins is a young singer and musician who describes his music as afrique-soul. This song, one of several of his that I really liked is laced with a traditional folk sound, and the corny lyrics are cute for when you just want some easy listening music to relax to.