Tuesday, April 2, 2013

How to Make Okra with Tomato Stew - Eat With Amala

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There are the usual draw soups that I grew up with, Okro cooked into a sauce with vegetables, like the one I made with Ogbono, here. And then there's the okro I discovered when I was a bit older, and more common with southwest or Yoruba cooking. You prepare your tomato stew as usual [see recipe], and then you cut or blend your okro, and then mix both into a soup.

I am lucky to get very good okro at our local grocery store where it's cut and frozen fresh. So for a change of menu, I use it with tomato stew every once in a while.


Cut or blended fresh Okra
Broth if you have some
1/2 of a small sized onion
1 Fresh pepper
1 Knorr chicken cube
Salt to taste.

Stephnora Still in Love With Jim Iyke is Entertainment - Joy Bewaji

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"I am still in love with Jim Iyke. Jim was and is still the best friend I've ever had. He was not just around, he was there as a friend, brother, lover, companion. He was always there. He understood me"- Stephnora Okere.

My Facebook friend Joy Bewaji got me laughing when she said of this news from Linda's Blog,

*Ehen! This is the kind of thing I want to be hearing in Nollywood. Keep it steamy, guys! Go get your man, Stephnora: Tell that plane to stop; throw the doors open; grab your stilettoes; run throw the open space (please get that slow motion effect- very important), and go get your man! Kiss him with all that is in you; and if you listen to your heart you'll hear Whitney Houston's "I'll always love you" playing. Yay!!!*

She goes on to say, "when a woman comes out to confess she's still in love with her ex...that is brave...and that is awesome entertainment!" That actually made me laugh out loud. What do you guys say?

Will You Enroll Your Children in This School?

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Inroll Your, Child. Horry Up Now
I know a lot of parents prefer schools of the same faith, so they'll be happy this is a Christian School, and with a name like City of Wisdom, you can be sure your children will become wise just by stepping into that school premises. So don't delay, if you live in the area \, check them out immediately!

Two Nigerians Win the Women in Science Partnership Award

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Francisca Okeke

Two Nigerian female scientists have bagged the UNESCO-L’Oreal “Women in Science Partnership" award according to the News Agency of Nigeria, for their contributions to the advancement of scientific knowledge in the country.

The awardees were recognised in the “Laureates and fellows" categories in Paris.

Prof. Francisca Okeke, the first female Head of Department, University of Nigeria Nsukka bagged the 2013 Laureate award for her significant contributions to the scientific study climate change.

She was the only recipient in that category from Africa and the Arab nations and the third Nigerian Laureate since the UNESCO-L’Oreal partnership was established in 1998.

Four others also got awards in the Laureate category with each representing Europe, Latin America, North America and the Asia Pacific regions.

The second Nigerian award recipient, Dr Eucharia Nwaichi, an environmental bio-chemist from the University of Port Harcourt joined 15 other young scientists in the “International Fellows" category.

Money, Marriage and Infidelity - A Nigerian Love Triangle

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Foluke Daramola and Kayode Salako

There are some stories I read and I'm just like, wow, I thought this only happened in Nollywood? Now I am certain that the writers I thought were pulling rabbits from a heart actually have a basis in reality for their scripts, or is it some people who have started mixing up real life with a very good imagination? Forgive my confusion, but this story a lady called Bukola told to E24-7Mag is enough to do the same to anyone.

She spoke of how she introduced her friend to a married man so they could milk him for financial assistance, and how they used Juju to get a firmer hold on him. What she didn't expect was that the friend would actually marry the man, and relegate her to the background. Sounds like a movie script really, and now I see where those who talk about the other woman are coming from.

I actually introduced her to Kayode, who,  for a very longtime was my toaster but I told him I could not date him because I was not really interested and there was really no feeling for him. I told him I was not really interested because I was in a relationship. About the same time, Foluke  had asked me to introduce her to someone who could help, so I introduced Kayode to her. I know he spends a lot on women, at least, he was dating a lady Princess Bimbo Olagunju, and he was spending so much to keep the girl. The same Princess knew how much Kayode liked me but I was not interested. So precisely February 13, 2012, I introduced Foluke to Kayode at Mama’s Place in Omole, Ikeja.

5 Relationship Myths To Beware Of by Z.R. Moore

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People believe what they want to believe when it comes to relationships. Beliefs about relationships lead some people into horrible situations. By not having any evidence that make these myths true people still base decisions of commitment on assumptions. Myths can really be harmful when it comes to choosing who to be with. Here are five myths that get people into trouble when it comes to relationships.

1. They will always be the same: People tend to believe that their partners won't ever change who they are. This is based on an assumption that this person won't continue to grow as human being as the years go by. Time tells us that this is not the truth. People do change as they age, as situations change, and from troubling situations that they go through. The problem with this myth is that sometimes people outgrow the relationship that they're in. Once this happens it's hard for that person to remain in that partnership when it's representative of who they once used to be.

The issue with this myth is that the other mate is basing their level of commitment on the stability of this person's character. When this changes the whole dynamic of the relationship changes. This is why when people get older they tend to end long term relationships, since these relationships are more reflective of who they once used to be. Know that when you're in a relationship with someone to not put all your hopes on this person remaining the same until they die. This isn't likely to happen.

Adaora Akubilo on Sports Illustrated and Being a Black Model

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Adaora Akubilo is a Nigerian American model and has appeared in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition for two years in a row now, 2012 and 2013. She was born in the United States to two Nigerian parents and lived in Nigeria for six years from when she was 10 till she was 16. Soon after returning to the States, she began to get coaching to become a model. She combined modelling with her education, before going into the career fully after college. She spoke to Culture Shock Nigerians on her experience.

When did you begin modeling?
I started modeling probably around 17. I was a sophomore in high school when I was approached by a scout. And it really wasn’t anything I thought about. I think my mom mentioned it to me when I was younger but you know, my father always drilled in my head to go to school so I was always academically oriented. It was all about school, school, school so I just didn’t see where the modeling thing fit in, but I talked to my mom about it and she was like sure. So, it was actually a modeling school.

 I’m sure people have heard about those and they’re like a little leery about them but my experience was actually a positive one. I went to the school, I took classes, and kind of got myself familiar with what modeling was and stuff like that. I got placed in the city and got placed with an agency and I would kind of go in the city in the summer time to kind of model because I was in college. I eventually went to college and stuff like that, but it wasn’t until after I graduated college that I decided to pursue it full time.

Monday, April 1, 2013

April Fools Day - Special Message From the President

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This morning, the White House released a special video message from the President. Even President Obama and the White House have a sense of humor :)

The Obama Daughters Dressed For Easter and More Pictures

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Malia and Sasha seem to be both at that phase where they're growing taller everyday. Malia is taller than President Obama and Michelle, and her sister whom I thought would be of more average height, has shot up since the inauraguration, just two months ago.

For Easter, both girls attended church with their parents, and everyone is buzzing about their appearance. I think they look great, and I just love the whole family together even more. Below are some more pictures of the first family from various occasions...

Wedding Photos - Mekhi Phifer Marries Reshelet Barnes

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I loved Mekhi Phifer as Dr. Gregory Pratt on the NBC show ER, and on many movies he was in. Still don't know why he wasn't getting more roles in movies, I think he's a really good actor. Well, on Easter Sunday he got the role of a lifetime when he married his long-time girlfriend Reshelet Barnes. Both of them wore ivory [see other non-traditional grooms] for their intimate wedding with just 100 guests.