Sunday, March 17, 2013

Naeto C and Wife Celebrate Baby Shower in the US

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Naeto C got married to his beautiful wife, Nicole, last year [see wedding pictures], and they are both currently in the United States as they prepare for the upcoming birth of their first child. Family and friends got together to throw them an intimate baby shower. I wish them a safe and healthy delivery.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

May This Be Love - Christine Ben Ameh

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May This be Love was Christine Ben Ameh's recorded song that caught my attention when I first heard it, and it made me quickly buy and download the album. I've since heard Christine perform twice, she seems quite well loved in the book-reading and live performance scene in Lagos. Each time, she wowed me with her powerful vocals and quality lyrics. I love her style of music, hope you do too. Enjoy...

Vertical Challenges - A Short "DOCUMENTARY"

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I laughed so hard when I first saw this quasi documentary, some of you may have been wondering why the issue of my height came up in some of my earlier posts, it was this video, I watched it with Atala a few days ago. I was just nodding at some of the points raised by the main actor, who happened to be short too, and the comments on the Youtube page, hahaha...
tunuoyelola - It's not a real story? :( I was getting so carried away with the "Happily Ever After" ending, until the credits started to roll! LOL.

Kaffy Saibu - I love your story I'm 5'3 myself, and I hate it too. lol I wish I was taller "wishful thinking". but at least I'm taller than my mom lmao. And I love tall guys too...I only date tall guys, winks

Alyssa Darden - I love this! I'm short too.. just barely 5 "

TAYOR FARYEM - She likes tall guy!!!!!!!!!!!

Google Reader is Closing Down - What Does That Mean?

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I don't often have to use Google Reader for the blogs I follow, I check out the summaries on the Blogger dashboard, and go on over to the ones that catch my attention. But I do use it to organize my subscriptions, to remove those I'm no more following, or those who aren't blogging anymore. Also, if I'm only with my phone, I default to GR than doing blog rounds. So imagine my surprise when Google said they were shutting it down because not enough people were using it and it didn't make financial sense to keep it. The announcement from Google read;

We launched Google Reader in 2005 in an effort to make it easy for people to discover and keep tabs on their favorite websites. While the product has a loyal following, over the years usage has declined. So, on July 1, 2013, we will retire Google Reader. Users and developers interested in RSS alternatives can export their data, including their subscriptions, with Google Takeout over the course of the next four months.

I'm not happy about this development because I know a lot of us here in blogsville use Google reader to follow blogs we love. I still follow about 600 blogs, and have more than 2000 followers on the Google Friend Connect, many of whom I'm sure read my posts on their GR. BTW, the Google Friend Connect has also been rested and I guess it may be time to take it down, no matter how much I like those numbers. Feedburner too may be on the way out.

Bring Back My Husband To Me By Bubblinna

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I wake slowly to the strains of ’Marry You’ by Bruno Mars set off by the alarm. As I search for the offending machine, a clear thought penetrates my sleep-fogged mind; Wedding! Just then my hand connects with the phone. I hit the stop button and break out in a wide grin.

Today is March 16th 2016 and it is my wedding day. I am going to be married to my sweetheart, Lionel. The thought of him makes me blush, ahh; the things we did in dreamland not so long ago. There is a throbbing at the apex of my thighs and I feel heat spread through me; this usually happens when I think of the things I want to do to and with him.

”Patience, girl. You’ll have him for the rest of your life to do with as you please starting tonight.” I tell myself. That is enough to reassure me.

Smiling, I lean over to turn on the bedside lamp at the far end of the bed and my hand touches a wet patch. Quickly, I turn on the light and a puzzled look steals across my face. There on the undisturbed part of the bed is a wet patch which looks as though one sat on it with wet shorts. I throw a glance at the door; the bolt is still drawn across. My hand goes to my butt which feels really dry.

Friday, March 15, 2013

10 Ways to Make "The Other Woman" a Non-Issue

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I realized that in my last post on the other woman, it seemed like I thought women had no responsibility or a role to play when their men cheat. Of course we do. Also, I was speaking very generally, and it would have been better if I gave some action points. So I'm doing it now.

Am I now blaming the other woman? No. I'm saying all women have a responsibility to themselves to be prepared to face and deal with infidelity. Not to face  the other woman, mind you, but how to deal with the unfaithfulness, the betrayal and breaking of trust. I'm saying let's not make the "Other Woman" the bogey man, in fact, the cheating husband or boyfriend is not even the bogey man. The bogey man is YOU.

At this point you may be saying, Myne you've come again, or, Myne you're not serious. I am serious. And that is why I made this list. Whether single, about to get married, or already married, if you follow some of the principles below in a way that works for you, I believe "The Other Woman" will be of so little importance to you that she becomes a virtual non-issue.

This is the Remix - NSCDC #MyOgaAtTheTop on Channels TV

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OK, you've probably all seen the NSCDC Commandant's interview on Channels TV, and the fallout, but after the seriousness of the past few posts, I want us to laugh a little. Not at the man - I actually pity him that his fumble went viral cos none of us is above mistakes - but at the remix, which I think is very funny.

This is the first Nigerian remix of this type I'm seeing. In the US, it's almost like a meme from each newscast, the most viral being Ain't nobody gat time for that or Hide your Kids, hide your wives. Watch and laugh :)

TGIF, have a great weekend everyone, mwah!

Date Night Movie Review - Side Effects

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Before it came out, I did a preview of the Side Effects movie, saying how "it would be interesting for me to see what story has been crafted around drug side effects and how Steven Soderbergh has directed it" and equally looking forward to seeing the performances by the actors. I am happy to report that it met up to expectations. Enjoy our interactive review...

Atala: At first, I thought it was going to be all documentarious, like Soderbergh's previous film - 'Contagion'. So I was thinking I was going to find out what the deal was with those long lists of things that could go wrong in those pharmaceutical ads aired in the US. And at first, it looked like I was right - Drugs were doing some strange things to Emily - one of the protagonists in the movie - indeed.

Myne: Same thing here. But about halfway, it took a turn towards being a different kind of movie, a whodunit.

Atala: True

Myne: At first I wasn't pleased, but that had a draw of its own. I'm also a fan of mysteries, so it still worked for me.

Atala: I will say that I'm not that much of a fan of whodunits either, because second watching isn't the same. But I really did enjoy this later suspenseful phase of the film - it was very twisty and turny. I think I still like the first part better, though. It was very sad and poignant in parts.

Too Bad Tuface and Annie Idibia Decided to Receive the SUV

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Tuface Idibia looking on as the Akwa Ibom commissioner for Information, Aniekan Umanah, presents the state sponsored SUV keys to Annie Macauley–Idibia.

I am happy for Tuface and Annie Idibia on their marriage, any couple that decide to go into the future together deserve only well wishes. However, I am disappointed that are accepting their traditional wedding gift which is akin to going along with the Akwa Ibom governor to deplete state funds for their personal gain. I guess one can defend their action and say that's the only way ordinary Nigerians get their share of the National Cake, but at the detriment of who?

Also, Tuface is not an ordinary Nigerian, he makes millions of naira from being a musician, a lot of it from the pocket of Nigerian masses. Does he really need this state handout in the form of a jeep? Earlier, he said he was yet to decide on whether to accept the gift. I guess we now know what his decision is. But, what do I know? In the press release to justify and defend the actions of the governor, this same commissioner in the picture said;

Dear Myne - My Boyfriend Got Engaged to Another Woman

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I have been seeing this guy for about 8 months now and on the 30th of Dec, he told me that he has another girl he's been dating for 7 years. He said the girl has been good to him and he knows she will make a good wife just the way he knows I will too but the problem is that she's not from the same tribe as him. He's Igbo which i am too and the other lady is Hausa and he wants to marry an igbo.

The girl came to Nigeria  from UK to visit him and they went to his village together. He said that it means nothing and that he hasn't made up his mind to marry the girl cos he doesn't love her which i found very lame and silly. But one day i went through his chats with the girl and on three occasions, the girl told him "i love you" and he didn't respond. The girl in one of their chats told him that she knows he doesn't love her but that he should stop treating her the way he treats her.

On Sunday, we mistakenly exchanged phones (we use the same phones) and i found out that they were calling each other hubby and wifey. He told her that he its not easy to marry an Hausa babe and they were already planning their lives together. I was not entirely shocked but i was mad at him for lying to me. I have been teasing and asking him to tell me if he has proposed to the girl and he kept telling me that he's not married to anybody. What hurts me most is that he made it look like both of us might still have a chance to be man and wife, One day i jokingly said his nephew will marry my future daughter and he replied sharply "what if i marry you?'