Friday, February 22, 2013

Volunteering in Ways that benefit Young Women.

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I grew up in London and have always done my own hair (well in primary school my Mum used to do it for me) , but throughout uni I did hair for people in my Church and at university, as I attended a university outside of London with very few black people. Whilst working a 9-5 at the MOD , I did bridal hair on the weekends, then got the opportunity to work in the hair industry in Nigeria.

I kept postponing it as I was apprehensive, I'd never lived in Nigeria even though Mum dragged me there on holiday at any given opportunity. I'm sure I have been to my home town more times than my family that live in Lagos or Abuja.

About 2 years ago a friend of the family committed suicide, he was a budding actor, but his career was in peaks and troughs. Cut the long story short, my brother booked my ticket and I had one week to pack my life and go to Lagos "Just go, you don't have anything tying you down, you will regret it if you don't go".

Why I'm Afraid of Celebrating Nigerian Public Officials

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Richard Mofe Damijo - RMD

A few weeks ago, I featured RMD as a February Man Candy. The list was to showcase Nigerian men who looked good doing what they did, but I also wanted to use the opportunity to celebrate them for their hard work. RMD is a veteran Nollywood actor, but some years ago, he accepted an appointment to work with the Delta State government as an Special Adviser, later a commissioner for Tourism.

Now, RMD is alleged to have misappropriated N50Million meant for a Cultural Expo to attract tourists to Delta State, my home state. I've waited a couple of days for a rebuttal from RMD and his camp, but none has surfaced at this time. Until he has answered the allegations publicly, I've decided to remove RMD from my Man Candy list. He may be eye candy, but if he's guilty, he's not a man I can look up to or ask others to aspire to be like.

...Mr. Mofe Damijo issued a check to the tourism board in the name of its acting GM, Ms. Ajufo. She in turn reportedly deposited the sum into her First Bank private account with account number (3006131619) operated under her name, Nkem Philo Ajufo. Our sources said she and Mr. Mofe Damijo subsequently shared the money.

Being Open to Meet Potential Dates Online and Offline

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After I published my Re: Valentine post, I got a couple of emails from people who wanted to know more about how Atala and I met online, where, and what I had to say about online dating, or simply meeting potential dates online, and then taking it offline.

One was looking for websites/message boards where he could meet people, and asked for specific websites to meet new ladies. He said reading mine and Atala's meeting again made him want to give online dating a shot.

The other, a lady, said she had kinda been accused of not being open to meeting people online and taking a step outside of her comfort zone. She also wanted to know more about online dating. Though she had dabbled on a dating site before, she never got past the profile filling, and wanted more targeted directions.

Mercy Johnson Shares First Baby Photoshoot

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Mercy Johnson has been telling her motherhood story through pictures on Twitter. Over the past two months, the Nollywood actress has transitioned from wife to a mother and she is enjoying it. After her daughter's birth on the 30th of December 2012, she recently changed her social media name to Mercy Johnson Okojie and the bio to Wife, Mother and Nollywood Actress.

Yesterday, Mercy Johnson had her daughter's, Purity Osebhajimente Okojie, first photo shoot and the baby looks so adorable.

Alex Ekubo - February Man Candy #22

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Alex Ekubo came to the public eye after competing in the Mr. Nigeria pageant. He is now an actor and a fashion model.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

10 Things Women Like to Hear From Their Men

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They say women love to hear lies from their men, as long as that is what they want at that point in time. Personally, and some women I know have said the same, I prefer genuineness in a guy. I want to know you're being honest in our interactions and telling me the truth most of the time. I want a guy who will allow me watch my 30mins of E! and still discuss politics when we need to.

However, some men find it hard figuring out how to put their feelings and emotions about their ladies into words that are real and not too flowery. So this one is for the men who love us. Do you sometimes find yourself struggling to find the right things to say to the lady in your life? Whether you are in a committed relationship or wanting to take your relationship to the next level, here are 10 ways to talk and engage with your woman.

1. “You’re very smart.”
I know I want to be appreciated for my intelligence. It could be her book-smarts or street smarts but complimenting your woman on how savvy she is in different situations show that you're paying attention, and seeing the whole package, not just to her body.

Nigerian Prostitutes in Italy - Migration and Prostitution

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Some of you may have seen these pictures before, I saw them yesterday and I was terribly disturbed. Now, don't get me wrong, I know Italy has it's fair share of prostitutes, a good number of them Nigerian, but in all the documentaries, news, and books, they worked in brothels or backway alleys at night. Seeing the conditions in which these women in the pictures worked was like a punch in my stomach.

A part of me insisted these had to be editorial images, photographed with models, meant to shock. But even if so, I also knew it could be feasible. Some Nigerian women could actually be living and working in environments like these, for money, for whatever. I wanted to blame the Nigerian goverment, I wanted to blame the Italian government, I wanted to blame the women themselves, after all, wouldn't it be better to live in a mud house in Nigeria than be a sex worker in a condom-strewn bush clearing?

But what if this was some person with a camera wanting to paint a single story? It was all doing my head in, so I had to find the origin of the pictures. And I did. The images are real, the women are real, they were shot by Paolo Patrizi, an Italian documentary photographer who now lives in Japan. I found this out on his website, and when I found his number on there, I decided to call him too. We spoke for a few minutes and he confirmed the pictures are geniune and of real working women.

Setting P 101 - How To Meet and Keep ‘The One’

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Meeting people is probably not new of us, I often imagine that no matter how goofy a guy is, he should at least be able to “parole” a lady (albeit a likewise goofy one),but as it turns out many of us truly aren’t bold enough to step up to ladies.

How do you meet good women?

Honestly there are no theoretically good and bad places to meet women while night clubs are not always bad choices as long as one keeps it in mind that a lady you take to your apartment on first meeting doesn’t expect you to call afterwards (google the word one night stand and you'll understand what I mean) . The key to meeting and getting to know a woman is finding a common ground on which to start a conversation. That said, the easiest platform is always the church Aha!!

Sugar Mummy or Daddy Any Where in Nigeria

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One guy named Bernard Udoka has been leaving comments all over my blog for the past few months, and I always delete them. But I've decided to put it out there after someone I told said I might be denying some people the opportunity. Well, here's the deal.

Hello good news to all young boys and girls of Nigeria, here is a great chance for you all getting a mature relationship without stress okay? So if you have any interest on getting a sugar mummy or daddy any were in Nigeria, all you need to do is to give me a call on 080****** for more information on how to get one thanks. Mr Bernard Udoka 

I'm totally joking, of course. I used to see these kinds of ads in the classified section of some newspapers while in Nigeria, and sometimes I wonder, are there really sugar mommies in Nigeria? The daddies we know, they are now called Aristos, but the women? And the men who deliberately become gigolos, I would love to talk to one, if I could.

Mikel John Obi - February Man Candy #21

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John Michael Nchekwube Obinna, commonly known as Mikel John Obi, John Obi Mikel or John Mikel Obi, is a Nigerian footballer, who plays as a midfielder for English club Chelsea and the Nigeria national team.