Thursday, February 7, 2013

Tuface Idibia - February Man Candy #7

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Kerry Washington Covers Ebony's Scandal Issue

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Last year was Kerry Washington's year, she broke out as Olivia Pope on the new ABC show, Scandal, now in its second season. She also starred in Django Unchained, even though I felt her character, Broomhilda was very underdeveloped, and Kerry as an actress underutilized. This month, she graces the cover of Ebony magazine, talking about her life, her work, and especially Scandal.

Scandal is one of my favorite show, but the Olivia Pope and President Fitz affair is beginning to weary me. I believe in going for what you want, and the way these two spout sonnets and love to each other of love unbreakable and then go back to the status quo tire me. What is the status quo? The president is married and his wife is heavily pregnant! Add in a handsome hunk of a boyfriend, who happens to be the Senate Majoity Leader, and you have a scandalous stew all right.

I am still watching though, and some of these excerpts from Kerry's interview in Ebony give me a deeper insight into her Olivia Pope character...

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

How to Make Beef in Celery and Mushroom Sauce

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Theis sauce is very similar to this celery recipe, but there's no tomatoes, it is replaced by mushrooms.


A pound of Beef
2 tablespoons of vegetable oil
A small bunch of celery stalks with some hearts if possible. Washed and sliced
Four medium sized tomatoes, chopped
Half a medium sized onion, sliced
Ground pepper,
Salt and spices to taste.

Agbani gets Old School Love Letter from

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My Dearest Agbani Darego,

Will you be my valentine?

Do give this the utmost consideration. If you will be my valentine, let me say that I am, first, of all men most privileged, and second, about to engage in heavy research about what being someone’s valentine actually entails.
If you will not be my valentine, I must assume this is only because you would prefer me to ask you to marry me. If so, poste haste and with rapidity in extremis, I would, My Sweetling, desire your hand- and as much of the rest of you as possible -in blissful matrimony.

But wait. I traverse ahead of myself. I have not introduced myself. Sure I have spent many hours ogling over your Instagram photos and following you closely on Twitter, but I have never, as it were, had the opportunity of introducing myself.

My Interview With The African Street Writer on Style

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Like I told Chizitere Ojiaka who conducted the interview, I'm probably the last person to ask about style, but she insisted and I obliged. Enjoy...
When it comes to fashion and lifestyle, many writers are branded with the stereotype of being very eccentric and untrendy. Most people say it’s just how writers are built, while others think it’s one of the rules to making it as a writer, you must have a weird or signature style.

In other beliefs, some say that having to juggle many characters at once makes them stay simple so it’s easier to build theirs without too much influence from they, the creators. The theories and explanations are numerous but that’s not what we’re here to discuss anyway.

Today, we’ll be taking a sneak peak at the life of one of the hottest best selling names in the world of romance writing. She goes by the pen name Myne Whitman.

Nigeria Beats Mali To Make it to AFCON Finals

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One of my male readers on Twitter one day complained that I was talking love while Burkina Faso held Nigeria hostage. Well, let me talk some football, and since I've been monitoring the AFCON, it's an easy task. I'm happy to bring the good news that we made it, lol...

I'm so excited for Nigeria and the Super Eagles. Now let's bring the trophy home.

Nigeria cruised to a 4-1 win over Mali on Wednesday to reach the African Cup final for the first time in more than a decade.

Nigeria dominated from the start and opened the scoring with a header by Elderson Echiejile in the 25th minute. Brown Ideye added to the lead in a breakaway in the 30th and Emmanuel Emenike netted from a free kick in the 44th.

Ahmed Musa scored the fourth goal in the 60th as Nigeria ended Mali’s hopes of lifting the trophy to bring joy to the fans enduring political instability and conflicts back home.

A Man asks me for Money - Search Query

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We have had two posts dealing with men asking women they're supposedly in a relationship with for money. There is the suitor con, and there is the stingy boyfriend. I know some men who do so may sometimes mean well, and can be genuine, but mostly that is not the case. I won't label it a red flag if it happens once, but if it happens more than twice, and something is just off, be careful. #thatisall.

4 Tips To Maintain A Supportive Relationship

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Some women often find that as their careers take off or when they decided to delve into their passion as a business, their relationships take a hit. They either find that their husbands and/or partners are not as supportive as they used to be.

This could either be true from the man's ego and insecurities acting up, or it could be that the woman has changed as the career or business thrives, taking her attention away from her family and thereby affecting the dynamics of her relationship with her man. Below are some tips to help to maintain balance in such a situation.

Tiwa Savage Gets a Most Public Proposal

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At Tiwa's Birthday Dinner, her manager Tee Billz, now fiance, proposed on bended knees with a very lovely ring. And Tiwa said yes. Congrats to the couple and all the best in their relationship. For those who have been asking and speculating about the two, now they know :)

Richard Mofe Damijo - Removed

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Richard Mofe Damijo is a veteran Nollywood actor, and I actually had him in mind while writing A Heart to Mend. He is becoming a silver fox these days but retains a classic handsome look. He is married with children.