Monday, October 26, 2009

Thanks and Giveaways

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My blogsville family, thank you all once again for the great wishes you left on my birthday post. I really appreciate it. Those that asked about the template. I got it from YummyLolly blogspot and it's called 'Change me'. My SO helped me to customize it to the colors I wanted and to move the previous blog. He's a real darling.

Now to the giveaways. Do you want to be the first to read the complete Edward and Gladys story? Please leave an Expression of interest with your comments. The first five people who express interest and are in my top twenty commenters will have the chance to read for free. The only thing I will request is that they point out any typos or inconsistencies in the story and send me back a reviewed document. The story is about 180 pages and still in word document.

What does this mean? It means the story is complete. YAYYYY!!!! I have polished and re-polished with the help of my my writing group, my dearest SO, and another wonderful blogger who took an interest early on. I now need fresh eyes to check it out. I have decided to publish the book myself and hope to send it to the publishers (AuthorHouse) by the end of the week. If all goes well, it will be in print by Christmas. Those who prefer an e-book will be able to buy that by mid November.

I will keep publishing excerpts of the novel until the e-book is ready. Then I'll move to the next story I have been thinking about. I'm excited by all this and hope you are too. I remain loyal and thanks again for all the feedback I got in the last three months that have helped me in polishing up the story. When the book is ready, the top three commenters will get free copies of the novel. Those that said they want to see it in print and will buy, please stand by ooo. LOL

Please keep reading and commenting. Thank you all...

My birthday, a new blog template

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So today is my birthday but it started yesterday since we're on this corner of the world behind everyone else. Many many thanks to SO who started it off with a bang (no pun intended oo...LOL). So now my blog has a new look though I'm no techie and nothing was lost, whoopie. I love the new look. Let me know what you think please and if I'm missing something.

I have attached some pics of a romantic dinner out we had and may take them down later or at least the one of me. We went to Sky City, a restaurant at the top of the Space Needle here in Seattle. The views were fantastic but the company was better hehehe.

So the gifts are already rolling in. If you need my details to send in yours, let me know. LOL. Permit me to say a MASSIVE thank you for making this blogging adventure and my writing a pleasure to look forward to. Have a glorious week my lovely people, take care.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Saving my all (Poem)

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This was written for my SO as a wedding gift

I’ve been saving my words
For the one I love
Now I finally found you
I’ll speak of no other

I’ve been saving my eyes
For the one I love
Now I’ve finally seen you
I’ll look at no other

I’ve been saving my dreams
For the one I love
Now I’ve finally know yours
We can share our dreams

I’ve been saving myself
For the one I love
Now I’ve finally met you
I’ll give it to no other

I’ve been saving my heart
For the one I love
Now I’ve given it to you
It will beat for you alone

I’ve been saving my love
Specially for you
Now you're in my life
We'll be together forever

Friday, October 16, 2009

Expectations. (Poem)

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The things of the heart
Are not always as one expects
Thus you came into my heart
Out of the unexpected
At a time that my heart
Could have least expected
I may give you my heart
In hopeful expectation

If you give me your heart
As I very dearly expect
I will enter your heart
As you’ve been expecting
Then another your heart
Will cease to expect
We will become one heart
Just as we had expected

Saturday, October 10, 2009

I want to...(Poem)

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I want to make you happy
All the days of our life
I want to see you smiling
As I say something nice
I want to satisfy your heart
With every blessing in the world

I want to save your pride
And mend your broken heart
I want to make you forget
That you were ever sad
I want to give you all
That you had ever wanted

I want to bring out the best
That you have inside of you
If only you will let me
I’ll never ever go away
Cos the greatest thing I want
Is just to be with you

Monday, October 5, 2009

I want you to need me (Poem)

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A poem I wrote sometime ago for someone special. Trybes asked for some more of my poems so this is it. Hope you all enjoy and tell me what you think...

I want you to need me
Like the air you breathe
I want you to feel me
In everything you do

I want you to love me
And tell me I’m the only one
I want to be the face you see
When you close your eyes

I want to be the touch
You need every single day
I want to be the eyes
That looks deep into your soul

I want to be the part of you
You just can’t live without
I want to be your world
Be everything you ask for

I want to be your reality
Whatever this means and takes
I want to be your fantasy
Be let into your innermost wishes

I want to be your woman
And satisfy your every desire
I want you to need me
Need me like I need you

Friday, September 18, 2009

Definitions of love (Poem)

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Leggy said here that "if you dont have a definition for it...then it doesnt exist." I have some definitions and that means that for me love exists. Check them out.

Love is the connection of two hearts
When two people touch each other’s soul

Love is honesty and trust
With patience and understanding

Love is helping one another
When there is mutual respect

Love is walking hand in hand
To reach your dreams together

Love is forgiving the others wrongs
That differences may be worked out

Love is the absolute belief
That there is a happily ever after

Sunday, August 30, 2009

To blogville (Poem)

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A poem to all of you guys who have visited and left comments or added me. Thank you. I hope this will tide you over to the nest installment of the story coming on Wednesday. Thanks for reading.

You were there in my time of need
Not knowing the meaning of greed

If I need it, you’ll give your last dime
Rich or poor, you gave me a good time

You did everything a friend should
And treated me the best you could

You comforted me when I was sad
And laughed with me when I was glad

I recall the times we used to share
And I want you to know I still care

I will always try to be there
Whenever, wherever you need my cheer

When you need me, I’ll be there in a hurry
When you are down, you don’t have to worry

Though some things you do may be wrong
Our friendship will ever remain strong

Monday, August 24, 2009

My thoughts on Love (Poem)

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I sometimes wondered how one felt when they're in love until it happened to me. Now in my blogville wonderings, I see the signs in some people's posts like Leggy and BSNC. Well what can I do but to share these thoughts. Maybe this will help those in a quandary of love.

Is this love?
When the heart beats faster
And the eyes are bright
When the laughter rings out
And the smile shines forth
When the cheeks are rosy red
And the skin all flushed
When the arms feel restless
And the limbs tremble and quiver

To feel weak and yet so strong
To know nothing and yet know all
To feel doomed and yet so blessed
To feel small and yet so big
To feel hungry and yet so full
To feel sad and yet so glad
To feel poor and yet so rich
To give and yet receive
Is this love?

PS...I will update on the story by Wednesday. Thanks for reading.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


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OK, this is just to see if this works. I have read so many blogs and never thought I would start one. Well this is what happened before the beginning. Read on...