Friday, September 18, 2009

Definitions of love (Poem)

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Leggy said here that "if you dont have a definition for it...then it doesnt exist." I have some definitions and that means that for me love exists. Check them out.

Love is the connection of two hearts
When two people touch each other’s soul

Love is honesty and trust
With patience and understanding

Love is helping one another
When there is mutual respect

Love is walking hand in hand
To reach your dreams together

Love is forgiving the others wrongs
That differences may be worked out

Love is the absolute belief
That there is a happily ever after

Sunday, August 30, 2009

To blogville (Poem)

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A poem to all of you guys who have visited and left comments or added me. Thank you. I hope this will tide you over to the nest installment of the story coming on Wednesday. Thanks for reading.

You were there in my time of need
Not knowing the meaning of greed

If I need it, you’ll give your last dime
Rich or poor, you gave me a good time

You did everything a friend should
And treated me the best you could

You comforted me when I was sad
And laughed with me when I was glad

I recall the times we used to share
And I want you to know I still care

I will always try to be there
Whenever, wherever you need my cheer

When you need me, I’ll be there in a hurry
When you are down, you don’t have to worry

Though some things you do may be wrong
Our friendship will ever remain strong

Monday, August 24, 2009

My thoughts on Love (Poem)

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I sometimes wondered how one felt when they're in love until it happened to me. Now in my blogville wonderings, I see the signs in some people's posts like Leggy and BSNC. Well what can I do but to share these thoughts. Maybe this will help those in a quandary of love.

Is this love?
When the heart beats faster
And the eyes are bright
When the laughter rings out
And the smile shines forth
When the cheeks are rosy red
And the skin all flushed
When the arms feel restless
And the limbs tremble and quiver

To feel weak and yet so strong
To know nothing and yet know all
To feel doomed and yet so blessed
To feel small and yet so big
To feel hungry and yet so full
To feel sad and yet so glad
To feel poor and yet so rich
To give and yet receive
Is this love?

PS...I will update on the story by Wednesday. Thanks for reading.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


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OK, this is just to see if this works. I have read so many blogs and never thought I would start one. Well this is what happened before the beginning. Read on...