Friday, February 13, 2015

What I Know About Love and Valentine’s Day

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by Yetty Williams

What I know about love and valentine’s day has evolved. As a young girl valentine’s day always seemed like something fun that lovers do. In my girlish fantasies I looked forward to celebrating it someday. Growing up though, neither the media or my parents really made valentine’s day such a big deal, unlike today where everywhere you turn, online or offline, you are reminded about Valentine’s day.

Fast-forward to Secondary school and it is welcome to the era of awareness of boys, love infatuation really and the seemingly accompanying valentine’s day. This season of love seemed to create a buzz with everyone either looking forward to it secretly or dreading it quietly. You were either “valing” someone or being “valed” – it become an action in the government schools then.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Living Life Abundantly - Area Number One is Romance in Marriage

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By Yetty Williams

One of the things resonating with me recently is that God said he came so that we might live life abundantly! Hmm, let’s ponder on that, God came so that I (we) might  live abundantly. The first part of that sentence says that the Enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy but God comes so that we might live life abundantly!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Different Seasons of Marriage - A Nigerian Perspective

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By Yetty Williams

Most people are aware of and have all read about the seasons of marriage and many times it is linked to the seasons of Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. The different seasons have their different characteristics and it is helpful to know what season you are currently going through in your marriage to determine what you need to do to maintain the season, get out of it or improve the outcome of the season.

Generally speaking we can agree on some common factors which are that Spring means a season of fresh or new love, eyes are starry and there is such promise for the future and love (perhaps more idealistic than realistic) is at the height. Summer is when your love is comfortable and relaxed, perhaps even heating up. Everyone is happy in the summer and you are generally in a happy place.

Fall will be when your love needs some tending so that all the branches don’t fall off in true “Fall” fashion. It can be beautiful in some parks during the fall when all the various hues of leaves have fallen on a pile, kids particularly like to kick and play in the fallen leaves. So even in fall there can be some enjoyment of the season. Lastly in the winter season the marriage can get chilly, but also if tended you can enjoy lots of cuddling moments to keep yourself warm. It doesn’t have to be an icy time.