Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sex Is Worth Waiting For - Nikki Laoye

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Nikki Laoye, an award winning Nigerian gospel singer, has revealed in a recent interview that both she and her husband got married as virgins. She said that contrary to popular belief that virgins have boring marriages and are clueless when it comes to making love, she said she knew what she was doing the first time they had sex because she had learnt a lot about sex education. She said:

“My husband was not surprised that I was a virgin when we got married because he was also a virgin. Even though I was a virgin when I got married, I had equipped myself with information on sex education. I preach to Christian ladies that they should not think that because they are virgins, they should not find out how to get things done because when they get there, they have work to do. It has been fun and an adventure for us because we are finding out things about ourselves.”

Monday, June 25, 2012

Waiting Till You Get Married for Sex

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I love me some Megan good, I think she's a sweet actress and she's really beautiful. Recently, she and her fiance, now husband, DeVon Martin, got married after some weeks of publicity where she stated that they were waiting till they were married to, you know, get it on, have carnal knowledge of each other, have sex, make love, or whatever name or term floats anybody's boat. Even Franklin appeared on Oprah's show and talked about their mutual decision to stay celibate until they were wed.