Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Tyra Banks Explains Why Women Won’t Be As Curvy As She is In The Future

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Supermodel Tyra Banks predicts that most women’s bodies won’t be as curvy as hers in the future, and how standards of beauty will change. The reason? Hunger caused by scarcity of food caused by, wait for it, global warming.

You may be asking, since when is Tyra Banks a global warming expert? Well, since now. 

She also thinks women, and men, will use the plastic surgery options that will be as easy and quick as over the counter meds to achieve their desired looks. Like maybe Tyra herself has done?

Tyra Banks made these statements about the future in a Wall Street Journal op-ed, and I'm thinking, she will make a great science fiction writer. Check out her predictions below...

Friday, October 4, 2013

Do You Use The Tyra Banks Lace front Wigs and Weaves? She Wants Her Hair Back!

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Tyra Banks is currently suing wig companies that use her name and pictures so if you're a customer to such companies, your favorite product may be going off the market. You may be well served to stock up before the supply dries up, lol...