Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Sugar Daddy University Teaches Women How to Find, Date and Marry Wealthy Older Men

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Do Aristos need a degree for what they do? Maybe. A new course is offering to teach women how to be the ideal ‘sugar baby’ in order to land a wealthy man. Professional sugar baby Carla Abonia, 37, has been flown across the world and had wildly lavish gifts bought for her by rich men who can't resist her company.

But she admits the relationships aren't always straight forward, so has joined forces with her mentor, sugar daddy Alan Schneider, to form their Sugar Daddy University in New York. The pair teach five key elements of being a successful sugar daddy or sugar baby through the curriculum - Sexuality, Understanding, Generosity, Attraction and Reciprocity.

They even have plastic surgeons - as well as relationship and financial experts - on hand to advise women how to look better as they or their sugar daddy invest in their appearance.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Teenage Girls Trade Sex for Mobile Phones in Sierra Leone – Study Reveals

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Teenage girls in Sierra Leone’s capital Freetown are selling their bodies to buy mobile phones, putting them at increased risk of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, says a study by Save the Children. According to the report by Thomson Reuters Foundation, the desire to own fashionable mobile devices is a key driver of childhood “transactional sex” in Sierra Leone.