Monday, June 5, 2017

4 Ways To Prevent & Treat Thinning Hair For Women

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Hair thinning and loss is something we frequently associated with men. However, women can also experience thinning hair and hair loss. For women, there can be even more of a stigma associated with thinning hair, since it's not traditionally seen as a female problem.

Friday, November 29, 2013

At the Naija Hair Can Grow Salon Day and How my Hair was Tamed By Palm Oil and Honey

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After my 30hrs+ long journey from Seattle to Lagos, my hair felt so sticky, and it didn't help that it was due for a touch-up. So I went to a nearby salon and had them wash and blow dry it. The result was not very good, not only did the stylist add too much oily hair cream, she used the highest setting on the blow drier and brushed my hair like it was going out of fashion. I had to stop the proceedings when smoke started billowing from my hair #justhalfkidding :)

Saturday, April 20, 2013

What is Difference Between Relaxed and Texlaxed Hair?

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Texlaxed Hair
 In the comments to my last hair post, some asked what the difference was between relaxed and texlaxed hair. I had read about texlaxing on a few blogs, and seen some videos of people who had texlaxed their hair, but I still had to ask my stylist exactly what she meant when she brought it up as an option.

Basically, she said, it was the same as relaxing, you use the same chemicals to straighten the texture of the hair. However, in texlaxing,

1. the relaxer is diluted with natural oils and conditioners,
2. it is applied strand by strand like usual, but kind of combed into the hair
3. it is not allowed to stay on long enough to completely stretch out the hair.

The result is that some of your hair is texturized, some of it is relaxed, some may even remain completely unstraightened depending on the texture of your natural hair. Below is what my hair looks like after I shampooed off the flat-ironing. I'll be sharing more posts of how I try to keep my hair healthy as time goes on.