Monday, January 26, 2015

The Wedding Surprise of A Lifetime! Watch Bride Find Out Her Fiance's Beautiful Secret

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Sami and Joe had been engaged for a while and though they wished to get married immediately, family schedules meant it was more difficult to set a date. She had actually said to her fiance several times that she wished he would plan the wedding and surprise her, so he did. While Sami thought she was being filmed for a business documentary, she didn’t know that she was getting dolled up for her own wedding.

Sami's fiance, Joe, worked with wedding planners and a photogragher to make her wedding day one she would never forget in a hurry. Sami was surprised by all their closest family and friends who had managed to keep the secret. What I loved most about the video was the intimacy of the wedding, the personal wedding vows, and the speech from the mother. Enjoy...