Thursday, May 28, 2015

UK Woman Narrates How Nigerian Groom Confessed He Only Married Her For A Visa

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Sales assistant Deana Charles has narrated her experience of a sham marriage starting from when she found her Nigerian groom texting another woman just half an hour after their wedding. She forgave him then, but couldn't overlook it when one year later, she found explicit messages he exchanged with another woman. When she confronted him, he admitted he only married her for a visa.

“My whole world came crashing down when I found out my marriage was a fake. I loved Ben with all my heart. We’d made loads of plans for the future and he seemed desperate to start a family."

Read the rest of the story as reported by The Sun UK below...

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Nigerian Woman Jailed For Sham Marriage After She Paid British Man 1000 GBP For Papers

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A Nigerian woman Uzoma Onwuha, 30, and her bogus groom Robert Horvath, 35, have been jailed after authorities decided their recent marriage was a sham ceremony done to give Uzoma papers to remain in Britain.

The woman, Uzoma Onwuha had paid Horvath £1,000 to marry her so that she could get the necessary paperwork to stay in Britain. After wards, the couple exchanged vows at Cardiff register office, in front of strangers they'd met on the way to their ceremony in Cardiff, Wales.

Staff at the register office soon became suspicious because the 'couple' couldn’t give basic details about each other.