Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Yesterday and Today's Men in Nigerian Government

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There is rarely one side to any story, and when I championed Oby Ezekwesili's call for a debate with someone in the current administration, I meant it. Not because I think she is a messiah for Nigeria, but because I am all for transperancy and accountability, qualities that are barely lacking in the political climate, and basically what she was asking for.

Since then, a lot of articles in defense of Jonathan have been written, it is just unfortunate that most are from paid aides or people in his cabinet. That said, Reuben Abati came out with a view from the other side in one of his best opinion pieces since he became a media man for the president. The commentary is hard-hitting and places a mirror before some of the ministers and members of the national assembly during the previous administration. I see a lot of truth in the what he says, and I think it is worth reading.
A loosely bound group of yesterday’s men and women seems to be on the offensive against the Jonathan administration. They pick issues with virtually every effort of the administration, pretending to do so in the public interest; positing that they alone, know it all.  Arrogantly, they claim to be better and smarter than everyone else in the current government. They are ever so censorious, contrarian and supercilious.

They have no original claim to their pretensions other than they were privileged to have been in the corridors of power once upon a time in their lives. They obviously got so engrossed with their own sense of importance they began to imagine themselves indispensable to Nigeria.  It is dangerous to have such a navel-gazing, narcissistic group inflict themselves with so much ferocity on an otherwise impressionable public. We are in reality dealing with a bunch of hypocrites.