Saturday, December 20, 2014

Ray And Janay Rice Kissed And Made Up Same Day Of Elevator Fight - CCTV Shows

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CCTV footage from the lobby of now-closed Revel casino released yesterday shows what happened after NFL player Ray Rice knocked out Janay Rice, then his wife-to-be. And why she may have gone ahead to marry him and is still defending him today.

The video was obtained exclusively by ABC News, and shows a distraught Janay Palmer,  and the Baltimore Ravens player handcuffed by police and giving on-the-site statements about their earlier fight. We can't hear what they are saying but as they are taken away in the same elevator, Janay leans into her fiance and they share a kiss.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Chris Brown Advises Ray Rice - Get Help For Anger Management

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NFL player Ray Rice was laid off by his team, the Baltimore Ravens, and suspended indefinitely by the NFL after a leaked video showed him knocking out his then-fiancée (and now wife) Janay Rice. Adding to the drama was Janay speaking out in his defense.

A lot of people have been asked about the issue, or shared their thoughts on social media. The latest is Chris Brown, who answered a related question by Sway, an interviewer with MTV News.

Chris Brown faced his own hell of a public domestic violence incident with superstar girlfriend Rihanna in 2009. Their case went to court and the singer later received 5 years probation that has lingered till date. He also had to do community service and take anger management classes.

Below, Chris speaks about anger, domestic violence and what's he's learnt are the consequences and triggers of domestic violence.