Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Scary Tornado Photobombs This Couple's Wedding Photoshoot in Saskatchewan

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This will be a most memorable wedding for the photographer, and also for this Canadian couple. A story they will forever tell anyone who sees their wedding photos.

The couple were posing for photos on their wedding day this past Saturday when a tornado suddenly appeared right behind them, far enough that they were safe, yet close enough to provide the perfect photobomb opportunity.

Saskatchewan photographer Colleen Niska was taking the newlyweds’ pictures on a gravel road that she often uses for her shoots when the tornado made its appearance in the dark skies behind them. The photographer commented on Facebook:

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Tiger Photobombs Wedding Photoshoot

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Looking at this, you'd think it's like the photoshopped pictures of couples with their favorite movie monsters, [see here] but this is real. Karma and Andrew Madgwick, newlyweds in Devon, England were simply posing for photographs at their reception at the Paignton Zoo when an endangered Sumatran tiger decided to crash their wedding photo.