Friday, June 26, 2015

My Experience With My Nigerian Husband - American Blog Reader Writes

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This originally came in as a comment on the post about Nigerian men making good husbands on Can A Typically Traditional Nigerian Man Make A Good Husband? It seems this writer has not had a good experience. Read on...

He would also do things on purpose by carrying out drama. When I would cook a meal for both of us. He would turn around and cook himself something else different. So I decided to keep the argument down. I would just prepare a meal for myself. And when I would do that he would ask me where his dinner is? Always making it his business to irritate the situation.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

[MUST READ] How to Please a Nigerian Man - Etcetera

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Columnist and former musician Etcetera has written a controversial new article about how to please a Nigerian man. He claims most Nigerian men go for foreign ladies now because Nigerian women seem to have lost the plot on how to take care of their men. Read his post below, and see whether you agree...

Friday, September 12, 2014

Vincent Enyema Cooks Okro Soup For His Family Dinner

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Nigeria and Super Eagles goalkeeper, Vincent Enyeama shared this picture on his Instagram page, of him slicing up some okro. And he says he's going to cook it too! He captioned the photo;

"I am going to make it a little spicy. Miss doing this. #okrosoupindemaking #dinnerloading"
Nice... and those okro look so fresh, makes me want to get some draw soup myself :)

Oh and Vincent also does grocery shopping all by himself, no online and delivery service for him. Check out more pics below...

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Newly Married Jnr Pope Pounding Yam For His Pregnant Wife

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Nollywood actor Jnr Pope Odowodo got married to his wife Jennifer Awele's in Asaba back in July [see pics]. He shared this cute picture of them in the kitchen, with him pounding yam for their meal today with the caption;

I am an African, assisting my wife in the kitchen.A woman should feel no pain, except the pain of childbirth....@qutejay #swagnation #swagsoldiers.

#iLike. More men should be like him, and Jnr Pope should remember this when he gets those stoopid Nollywood scripts that depict none sense unidentifiable caricatures of Nigerians.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday Man Candy - Emmanuel Ikubese is Mr Nigeria 2014

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Last month, actor and model Emmanuel Ikubese beat out other contestants to win the 2014 Mr Nigeria title. As he prepares to represent Nigeria at the Mr World contest, he released these new pictures to promote the pageant. The actor who appeared as Femi in the second and third seasons of the Shuga series, is great eye candy, and we wish him the best at the competition.