Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Orlando Bloom Tries To Punch Justin Bieber For Teasing Him About Miranda Kerr

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Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber reportedly got physical with each other at the Cipriani night club in Ibiza early hours of today. It is reported also that the reason for their alleged altercation is Orlando Bloom's ex-wife Miranda Kerr.

But seriously, no matter how out of control he is, Justin Beiber is still just 20 and Orlando Bloom is almost twice that. I think I expect better from the older guy, and there was a time Orlando Bloom was such a heartthrob!

But he divorced his beautiful wife, and is now said to be living the wild bachelor life, how lame. If this is how he is getting over a broken heart, it's not cutting it.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Follow Your Intuition - Miranda Kerr Shares Life Lessons, Summer Style and Beauty Tips

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Miranda Kerr revealed that her best piece of wisdom is following your own intuition in a behind the scenes video interview with Lucky magazine for her cover shoot.

Miranda made it through a very public divorce from Orlando Bloom, with whom she has a son, and she has also written two self-help books in addition to her career as a fashion model.

Speaking about what she'd tell her younger self now if she had the chance, Miranda said: 'Just enjoy every day; don't sweat the small stuff. Stay grounded, stay true to yourself and follow your own intuition.'

In sharing her top summer tips, Miranda cites her favourite summer song as Here Comes The Sun by The Beatles, because it reminds her of 'a little trip I took with some friends and we had the music playing and the sun was shining and it was really good energy and vibes'.