Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Millen Magese Speaks On Living with Endometriosis and Retrieving Her Eggs Against Infertility

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Millen Magese lives with endometriosis and she is no more afraid to say it out loud. Diagnosed 10 years ago, the 34-year-old Tanzanian model finally went public with her condition last March on the World Endometriosis Month.

She tells Radiant Health in their latest edition about living with endometriosis, being silenced by the taboo and stigma that comes with difficult health challenges, and finally finding her voice with the example of actress Rita Dominic.

Millen has had several miscarriages, had her ovary pack up, lost some of her fallopian tube, and in February, she faced her fears and underwent an IVF cycle so that some of her still surviving eggs could be retrieved and saved, a chance for her to have biological children in the future.

Though she knows the magnitude of speaking out about health conditions to do with sex or infertility, Millen Magese is adamant about the need to raise awareness, even if it is just to help one other woman.

Read excerpts from the interview, and pictures from her hospital stay below...