Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Michael Phelps' New Girlfriend Taylor Lianne Chandler Reveals She Was Born Intersex

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When Michael Phelps, 29, was arrested for DUI back in September, it was reported that he had just started a relationship with a new girlfriend who had been with him on the night of his arrest. Around the same time, Phelps had to go into rehab after being suspended for 6 months.

Interest shifted to his new boo who turned out to be 41-year old Taylor Lianne Chandler, who it was rumored had been dating him for several months. Many tabloids made a big deal of how much older than Michael Phelps she was.

Now, as attention moves to her past and background, Taylor Lianne Chandler has come about her gender identity as intersex in a Facebook post. In it, she talks about being born with both male and female sex organs, and her relationship with Michael Phelps.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Love at the Olympics - Michael Phelps Debuts Girlfriend

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Rossee tweeted this picture of her holding Phelps' arm as he shows off his London 2012 medals

Michael Phelps recently made history at the current Olympics as the athlete with the most medals including double the gold of any Olympian. The American swimmer won four gold medals and two silver medals in London, making a total of 22 Olympics medals he won throughout his career of just over 10 years and 3 Olympics.