Sunday, September 21, 2014

Meagan Good Nude Photos Leaked - Actress Blasts The Hackers!

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Megan Good is also one of the many celebs, including Gabrielle Union yesterday, click here, whose iCloud account was hacked. Hackers have released nude pics of the private moments the actress shared with her husband.

Meagan Good has been married to Seventh-day Adventist minister DeVon Franklin since 2012, she has also never done a nude scene in any of her movies. Though not ashamed of being perceived as sexy, she says of getting naked in movies;

“I have no problem with nudity — it just has to not be exploitative and it has to be important to tell the story. It depends on the script, the character, the story, the tone of the movie — all of those things. I commend women of every nationality that are bold enough to tell a story in a way that’s fearless. I just haven’t found a project where I felt it was necessary to do that. The scenes I’ve come across seemed exploitative and I just didn’t do it.”

See her fiery reaction to her leaked nudes below...

Friday, June 20, 2014

Meagan Good Not Ashamed of Her Sex Appeal, Talks Nudity in Movies, Marriage and Faith - Rolling Out

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Hollywood actress, Meagan Good stars in the new romantic comedy, Think Like a Man Too, and covers the latest issue of Rolling Out magazine.

The actress and pastor's wife has also made headlines in the past for her outfits [see here] which some complain show off too much of her body, and she also revealed to a lot of people's surprise that she and husband, Devon Franklin, waited to have sex till after marriage.

In a new cover story interview with Rolling Stone, Meagan says she refuses to conform to anyone’s standard, and won’t stop being Meagan just to please the public. And she isn’t ashamed of her sex appeal. Read excerpts below...