Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Kano Bus Station Bomb Blast: Death Toll Rises

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When I saw the news of the Kano bomb blast yesterday on some blogs, I didn't want to read it, it was beginning to look like bomb blasts were a daily affair in Nigeria. And it's just too depressing to see all the bloody pictures that come with such news. But I've not been able to escape it today as it made international news and the death toll has continued to rise, some are saying up to 50 or more.

I guess we should never become numb to these incidents, maybe that is what the terrorists want. I honestly don't know what future Nigeria as a country has with bombs raining mass death almost on a weekly basis, especially when it appears, like in this case, that there is an ethnic bias to the killings.

Supposedly the government through JTF and even with amnesty and peace talks are on it, but the results are definitely not people have been hoping for. I will sound selfish if I say that my biggest fear is that it gets down south, or that it affect my friends and family, but that is the truth. But whether in the north or south, I wish this mindless violence would stop. And it's not like the south is totally trouble free, kidnappings are on the increase, and some end in the victim's death.

May the souls of those lost in all the violence rest in peace.