Saturday, January 17, 2015

Mbong & Jeta Amata At ‘Black November’ Premiere - Movie Now Online On Demand

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Director and producer Jeta Amata had his Nollywood/Hollywood crossover movie ‘Black November’ premiered in Los Angeles January 10, 2015, and ex-wife actress Mbong Amata was there to support him. She is the main stat of the the star-studded movie which was made while they were still married. This is the first time the hot former are being spotted together on the red carpet since they went their separate ways in 2013. They were together for almost 10 years before their divorce and share a daughter.

Black November in out in select cinemas and also available online on-demand. Though the American reviews have not been too good, I intend to see it on Amazon movies this weekend or next, for $6.99. See more photos from the premiere below...