Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Identical Twin Stabs Her Sister For Starting Relationship With a Man They Both Liked

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A Croatian model, left, has been arrested and faces an attempted murder charge after she allegedly stabbed her identical twin sister, right, because she was believed to be jealous of her relationship with a man they both liked. Police were called on Saturday night after a violent row in which Sara plunged a kitchen knife into her twin sister leaving her critically injured and fighting for her life.

Dajana is currently in the intensive care ward at the local hospital with a deep wound to her chest and to her thigh. She's in a stable condition.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Jealous Man Kills Girlfriend Who Posted The Picture Of Another Man For #ManCrushMonday

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#ManCrushMonday, also known as #MCM, trends on Instagram and Twitter every Monday, but the light hearted posts has now led to murder between a jealous man and his girlfriend.

27 year old  Reginald Humphrey and his 23 year old girlfriend Michelle Geiger had first quarelled last month after she allegedly posted a photo of another man as her crush. A neighbor captured a video back then of Humphrey yelling at his girlfriend, "I thought you loved me! You was my baby, my f**king cinnamon apple".

Now it is being reported that after she once more posted a pic of another man for "Man Crush Monday" yesterday morning, he stabbed her 14 times while she slept in the condo they both shared together.