Thursday, March 21, 2013

#ErectionKillers Trending all Day on Twitter [Jokes]

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So most of yesterday up till now, #erectionkillers hashtag has been trending on twitter, I almost used this picture on Sting's blog or this one on twitter for this blog, but after laughing I had to respect myself. Are Nigerian men suffering so much sex wahala that they have to bring it to Twitter? All those people talking are probably not getting any. But it's all fun and jokes I guess, like this very first one, Oga at the top has suffered. Let's laugh it off...

@iam_BuGsY: When you ask her if she's enjoying it and she says "Ask my oga at the top

@silentachiever_: When u re seriously doing it and she is busy reading a magazine

@demmyoracle: When u bout screwin and d church u share same fence wit, starts preaching "FORNICATION"...

@demmyoracle: U lift her skirt up & she has dreads sticking out her panties like a rasta

@TWEETORACLE: Stopping a dude when he’s abt to penetrate and asking him if he loves U

@realPUSSINESS: When she's givin u bj.. And u feel her teeth actually hurt ur dick.. Serious

See the whole thread below...