Friday, February 20, 2015

Prince Harry and Emma Watson Dating?

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Could Prince Harry and Emma Watson be dating? That is million dollar question Harry Potter fans want to know the answer to. Actress Emma Watson started off as a child actor in the Harry Potter Wizarding series of films as Hermoine Granger and kinda love interest to Harry Potter.

Now she is rumored to be dating another Harry, Prince William's younger brother, Prince Harry, this according to Australian Woman's Day. Woman's Day reports that when Prince Harry heard Emma Watson had split from her former boo, British rugby player Matthew Janney last year, he invited her to a party.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Emma Watson Naked Photo Countdown Site Wants To #ShutDown4Chan

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A threat to leak Emma Watson's nude photos online has turned out to be a marketing tactic to take down #fappening hackers. The threat was posted online just hours after the 24-year-old launched the HeForShe campaign in a speech at the UN on Sunday in which she appealed to men to speak out over gender equality.

The threat was through a website,, and gave two days to the release of the photos. Yesterday, however, the countdown was brought to an end much earlier and the site started to link through to the social media company called

Instead of naked pictures of Emma Watson, a message on the firm's front page calls for anonymous online message board 4chan to be shut down.

Although a lot of Facebook commenters on the site were very unhappy after it was revealed as a viral marketing hoax, some people understood why they did it that way.