Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Magazine Covers - Angela Basset For Ebony

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Angela Basset is one beautiful lady, aging gracefully like fine wine. This month, she is the face of Ebony Magazine where the star actress talks about how to stay grounded and raise kids while being a celebrity, her career, and more.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Tamar Braxton in Ebony Magazine, Talks About her Infertility, Abusive Relationships and Self Esteem

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Tamar Braxton and her new baby, Logan, are on the cover of the latest issue of Ebony Magazine where she talks about her painful struggle with infertility before getting pregnant and how she got her post-pregnancy body right. She also discusses past abusive relationships and how they have affected her self esteem, as well as having vitiligo. Here are some excerpts from the cover story.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Kerry Washington Covers Ebony's Scandal Issue

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Last year was Kerry Washington's year, she broke out as Olivia Pope on the new ABC show, Scandal, now in its second season. She also starred in Django Unchained, even though I felt her character, Broomhilda was very underdeveloped, and Kerry as an actress underutilized. This month, she graces the cover of Ebony magazine, talking about her life, her work, and especially Scandal.

Scandal is one of my favorite show, but the Olivia Pope and President Fitz affair is beginning to weary me. I believe in going for what you want, and the way these two spout sonnets and love to each other of love unbreakable and then go back to the status quo tire me. What is the status quo? The president is married and his wife is heavily pregnant! Add in a handsome hunk of a boyfriend, who happens to be the Senate Majoity Leader, and you have a scandalous stew all right.

I am still watching though, and some of these excerpts from Kerry's interview in Ebony give me a deeper insight into her Olivia Pope character...