Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Alero Falope Confirms She Left Dino Melaye But Says He Did Not Physically Abuse Her

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Alero Falope granted an interview yesterday to clear the air on recent events concerning her marriage to Dino Melaye and her conversation with his ex-wife. While she confirmed that she has left her matrimonial home, Alero totally denied that it was due to physical abuse.

Explaining the leaked chats between her and Tokunbo Fabiyi, Dino Melaye's ex-wife, to SDK, Alero said:

Yes, Stella I exchanged SMS with Tokunbo but I only did that because I thought it would remain between us and besides I needed to connect with someone who might understand where I was coming from.

Let me state here now that Dino might be a lot of things but he never beat me and that's
the truth. There were just some things I couldn’t handle and that was what I referred to as living in Tokunbo’s hell for six months.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Dino Melaye's New Wife Chats With Ex-Wife After She Leaves The Marriage - See Leaked Messages

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Dino Melaye's new wife, Alero Falope, whom he married last year soon after his divorce from wife of 10 years, Tokunbo Melaye, has moved out of the former rep member and activist's home. 

According to family sources, she left the family home also claiming domestic violence, and bullying which is also the reason for the divorce from the ex-wife.

Alero, a single mum of one before she married Dino Melaye, is said to be about five months pregnant before she moved out. Her friends say she'd left the short marriage twice before but returned. But this time, it's final. The couple got married traditional in Dec. 2013.