Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Dencia Copied Rihanna's American Oxygen With New Single African Energy?

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Rihanna made a controversial splash when she released her new single American Oxygen last month, which references the idea of the American dream, and whether it was still a valid. The patriotic song with its political commentary starts with these lyrics;

"Breathe out, breathe in / This American oxygen / Every breath I breathe / Chasing this American dream / Respect for a nickel and dime / Turn it into an empire."

Now, other commentators are accusing budding musician and enterpreneur, Dencia of copying the idea and concept of Rihanna's song and video in her new single African Energy. See the two videos below and decide...

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Differences Between Skin Lightening or Whitening and Skin Bleaching - [Photos]

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Last year, Dencia released ‘Whitenicious’ for dark spot removal amidst a lot of controversy but the Cameroonian-Nigerian singer continues to stand by it. I wrote my confession on trying out skin lightening while younger, read here, and the reason was for even toned skin.

Dencia refers to that as she tries to explain the differences between skin bleaching, skin lightening and skin whitening on her ‘Whitenicious’ Instagram page. Read below..

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Will You Use The Vibrating V*gina Washer From Dencia?

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Dencia is becoming quite the business woman as she adds a new product to her range, the Vibrating Vagina Washer for external use only. First Whitenicious, now this. Dencia says;

First look at the vibrating vagina Washer by Dencia is here #stoked...#LadiesAreYouReady #JustGotBackToLAAndWorkIsHere #TimeToCleanYourPimPim #ItsForExternalUseNotInternal #IntimateCare #DenciaDidThat 
Ehm... if it's just for outside, what's wrong with one's hands plus soap and water? Anyways, who has ever used a vibrating intimate wash before? Will you use this one by Dencia?

Dencia admires her growing business empire in another photo below.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Dencia Seeks $1Million For Ebola Through Online Fundraising Campaign

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Dencia is tackling the issue of Ebola head on as the singer and Whitenicious owner has continued in her campaign of raising awareness about the Ebola Virus Disease.

She’s taking things further through her foundation, Dencia Foundation For Hope, by raising funds to get ZMapp to Africa. In a short video on Instagram two days ago, Dencia implores people to join her, saying;

“Sneak peak of my #Ebola #fundraising campaign video.It will be up online in a few hours,#togetherWeWiBeatEbola #WeWillRaiseTheMoney #We will make it happen. #denciaFoundationForHope. Thanks 2 @dak4eva for holding me down.We did it mama”

The full video has now been posted on Youtube. She is asking for $1Million from her fans and is putting in $50,000 in a GoFundMe Campaign HERE.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Pop Singer Dencia on Why Dbanj, 2face, Flavour, Psquare Are Her Top African Music Stars

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Upcoming musical artiste, Dencia recently released a couple of singles with more established singers, including Waje. In this interview with Zen Magazine, Dencia talks about what inspires her about music, her fashion, and who her top African music stars are and why.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

New Music - Dencia's “True Love” Feat. Waje

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Upcoming musical artiste, Dencia has just released a single titled True Love which features more established Waje. According to the PR, True Love is a Zouk - a popular dance and music origination from the Caribbean islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique - song which tells the story of love lost. I certainly prefer the slow sound of the song, listen below ...