Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Darey's Special Fever With Rita Dominic [Music Video Romance]

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Singer/ songwriter Darey Art Alade has released the video for his newest international single “Special Fever”. The beach themed video, which features Nollywood star actress Rita Dominic as the leading lady, was shot at a private beach in Lagos and was choreographed by Dance Queen Kaffy.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Dare Art Alade - February Man Candy #5

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Dare Art Alade has been married for 6 years [together with his wife for 8 - 9 years] and they have two children. On what he thinks are the secrets to making his marriage work, he says;

There is no magic about it, it’s just about getting along. If you work together, it even makes it better which we do; sharing ideas and doing a lot of projects together. Also, respecting each other is very important. We are two different people and you can’t change anyone. You can only be supportive and encourage each other and that is what we’ve done.

In a marriage, you’ve got to be humble. Nigerian men are fond of being too braggadocios and hard. Every coin has two sides and if you realize that without the other side, you won’t even have a coin, then you know that it’s not that you’re more than the other person or the other person is more than you. You also have to praise each other; praise that person when their praise is due so the person can also praise you when your praise is due. 
See the rest of his album below;