Monday, January 5, 2015

HOAX! Viral Facebook Copyright Notice Is Fake

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Over the years I've been on Facebook, I regularly see this copyright message on my newsfeed posted by my friends who are scared of their content being misused. The message claims to protect all the media like status messages, photos, videos, and comments that users make on Facebook. The message has started making the rounds on the social network once again.

The message says that once a user posts or shares the status update, their rights to their media will be protected, and they can sue Facebook or those who use their content..

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Jennifer Lawrence Leaked Photos To Remain on Adult Website Due To Copyright Issues

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Jennifer Lawrence’s attorney is reportedly locked in a battle with bosses of an adult content website over the copyright of leaked intimate photographs of the actress.

Remember the monkey selfie and the debate over who owns pictures? Is it the person in the picture, the person who owns the camera, or the person who took the pictures? Many argue it is the person who took the pictures unless he has signed over his rights.

Unfortunately for 24-year-old actress, Jennifer Lawrence, one site featuring nude images stolen from her phone and leaked online is fighting back against a request to remove the illegally obtained photos using that very argument.