Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Comedy Central Drops Artie Lange After Sex Slave Tweets To ESPN's Cari Champion

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Yes, iSupportCari though I'm just hearing this news now. Yesterday, comedian Artie Lange targeted some racist and sexually degrading tweets at Cari Champion, the female African American host of ESPN First Takes. He described her as “my slave” with himself as Thomas Jefferson, and said he was pleasuring himself whilst watching her show.

While outrage spread almost immediately with the hashtag, iSupportCari, the comedian refused to remove the tweets or apologize until today when his gig with Comedy Central's @Midnight was cancelled. See below for his non-apology and the offensive tweets.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Chris Rock Stirs Controversy With SNL Jokes On 9/11, Boston Bombings & Gun Control

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Did anyone watch Saturday Night Live last night? I didn't but I've just seen the clip of comedian Chris Rock's monologue on the show and while I did find some parts funny and apt, I do agree with some of uproar that he was pushing the envelope when it comes to being politically incorrect in his comedy.