Thursday, June 26, 2014

5 Reasons Many Christian Women Remain Single - Should You Settle?

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This interesting article about why many Christain women remain single, talks about 60 years old Sarah - never been married - with very high standards. At a Christian singles conference, Sarah was trying to comfort another single woman in her thirties who was tired of being lonely and was on the verge of ‘settling’.

In encouraging the younger woman to stay strong and wait for her Mr. Right, Sarah spoke about the men who had been her potential suitors and why she had turned them all down. As she spoke, it became clear to those listening that Sarah's standards and behavior were to blame for her being single at 60.

Basically, Sarah was expecting too much from a mere human being, and some of the men she called "counterfeit", and whom she did not settle for, could have been her Mr. Right long time ago.

Below is listed some of the things that may have kept Sarah and other Christian women like her single. Read and let us know if this talks to what you believe too about single Christian women.