Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Childless Couple Lose Faith In God After 16 Years And Burn Their Bibles

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Benson and his wife, who have been married for 16 years without a child, yesterday set ablaze their bibles with their action attracting hundreds of passersby.

The couple, who live in Asaba, Delta State, are members of a popular Pentecostal church in the area around Bonssac quarters, and were angry after their high expectations of making babies were shattered by a prophet who told them they had a delay in having children because they were far from God.

Consequently, they claimed that God has abandoned them, but an insider said that they were disillusioned after several prophets told them that the Lord was totally fed up of their Christian practice,  LeadershipNg reports.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Being Thankful While Waiting to be Parents

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Seeing the picture above recently reminded me of the fact that we have been waiting to be parents for a couple of years now, and while currently working actively towards getting a child into our life, we have been taking it step by step, not stressing over it, and thankful for what we do have and share.

Some months ago we determined to start the process of foster care and adoption and attended the relevant training we needed to put us in a frame of mind to have a child or children in our home.

Some say it is easier to do things when you're younger, like getting married or having children. I'm not talking about being physically able to do either, but about the mental state required to do these things. Now, it's not that doing those things are easier at that stage, just that when you're younger, you don't overthink these things. This could be a bad thing, as some people make mistakes, but it could also be good if you're wise and luck is on your side, or you keep educating yourself and growing together, with your husband and with your children.

When you're older, you're definitely wiser, and you may have learned from other people's experiences all that could go wrong. You analyse and weight each decision minutely before you go ahead. The training we had were packed with resources to educate and inform aspiring foster and adoptive parents, and develop our parenting skills.