Friday, September 4, 2015

Commandments of Being a Bridesmaid – An Info-graphic

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Getting asked to be a bridesmaid is very much an honor so it is a role that needs to be taken seriously no matter how many times you have been asked to do it! The wedding day is a monumental occasion in the bride’s life and she has asked you to be a special part of it.

Being a bridesmaid can also be fun as you get to be in the wedding party and be treated like a VIP for the day. You also get the opportunity to get to know new people – maybe you haven’t met the groomsmen before, or maybe you haven’t met your fellow bridesmaids either!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Here Comes The Bride - #Presidential Wedding #IneWedsSimeon

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President Jonathan’s second adopted daughter, Ine Paul, is having her traditional wedding today, 3rd of January, 2015 in Bayelsa state. Ine Paul is a qualified barrister and lives between Abuja and London. She was adopted and fostered by President Goodluck Jonathan from when she was very young. The president and first lady Dame Patience Jonathan are the parents of the day today.

For her traditional wedding day, the bride is made up by popular makeup artist, Jide of St Ola. She looks amazing in her matching coral tiara and two-strand necklace. Her Asoebi girls are wearing white lace blouses and gele over a red fabric. See them below...

 You can see photos of the groom and his men here

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Will You Have The Garter Removal and Tossing at Your Wedding Ceremony?

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I have been to only one wedding where the garter was removed by the groom and tossed to the single men in the reception, mostly the groomsmen. The bride was blushing, but the groom was sedate and everyone tried to see it as fun. Not like the groom above. Do you see yourself doing this tradition during your wedding ceremony? If you're already married and did it, how did you feel?

Monday, March 31, 2014

Different Ways to Pamper Yourself Before Your Wedding Day

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Every bride wants to be beautiful on her wedding day. Women typically dream of having the best wedding whilst still maintaining a pretty face, a great figure and a healthy, buffed physique. However, with the long list of things to prepare, organize and be apprehensive about, often times the bride loses “me” time to relax and have a breather. She usually ends up being uptight, distraught and cranky. The pressure can just build up and be overwhelming for everyone.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Don’t Be That Girl: How to Avoid Being a Bridezilla

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By Jennifer McCord

Bridezillas – they’re an ugly stereotype that, unless you’re careful, can become your reality when it is your turn to plan your nuptials. With societal pressures, tight deadlines and the desire to control every last detail, it’s enough to make any woman crack! However, this diva behavior is entirely avoidable for every bride-to-be (yes, this means you), so keep reading on how you avoid this all too common trap.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Colored Wedding Gowns and Non-Traditional Brides

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I have blogged before about unique or non traditional brides and grooms, but today, I'll be asking about colored wedding gowns. Is it a do or don't for you? My interest was piqued when I heard that Kelis used a green gown when she got married to Nas. So below, I have collected some examples that I really love, from Red, to orange, blue, pink, green, and even black.