Friday, June 27, 2014

A Typical Traditional Marriage List In Igboland - True or False?

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When I shared a bride price list last year here, I felt it was a bit on the moderate side since some of the items were like N200 and none cost more than N5,000. This is another Igbo traditional marriage list I just saw and the person that shared it said it was the typical list in all of Igboland.

I beg to disagree o, some of the exorbitiant quotes and included gifts brought tears to my eyes. I've never seen such a list before. I'm sure even the elders of the Brideprice app [here] haven't seen it before either.

Which part of Igboland does this list belong to? I think the ladies from that area need to boycott traditional weddings. Period! Unless all of them can find and marry billionaires like Dangote, of course.

Check it out below...

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Many Find the Bride Price Calculator Funny, But There is a Petition to Remove It?

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I confess, I was not upset at all by the Bride Price website [read here], but found it funny. I didn't over think it, probably because I've been really saddened by the high spate of violence in Nigeria and needed something to make me laugh. I did the price check with Atala who pointed out how it could be problematic.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Nigerian Bride Price Calculator - How Much Should Your Man Pay To Marry You?

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Are you married? About to get married? If you are a Nigerian, you will understand how important the bride price is whenever marriage is on the cards. As a man, do you wonder how much you need to pay to your in-laws? As a woman, do you want o know how much you're worth? There's now an app for that!