Monday, April 22, 2013

The Body Glove Toughsuit Phone Case - Reviews

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My Samsung Galaxy S3 in the Body Glove Mobile
When I got my phone, the store rep emphasized to me how delicate the SIII screen is and how the large surface area makes it even more liable to being crushed. True to his word, the phone screen cracked within a couple of months, and I spent over $300 to repair it. So I was really on the lookout for a sturdier phone case to protect the quite expensive phone. This review is sponsored by the Body Glove Mobile online store who sent me a free toughsuit phone case for my Samsung Galaxy SIII.

The tough suit protection of this body glove phone case is made up of four parts:

- A transparent plastic sheet which protects the phone's glass front;
- A hard shell which protects the back, and which extends beyond the phone's front;
- A gel case which adds more protection to the front and back;
- A hard plastic holder which allows you to attach the phone to a belt